Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wooo Woooo Wooo

That would be the sound of sirens at my home yet again. The wooo wooo woooo would be what Morgan says when she sees them.

So, Morgan was eating her lunch and I turned my back on her for 1 minute....a minute too long. She gets a bottle of grape dimetap and the child proof cap was broken off and she drinks it. She then comes into the living room and says mmmmmm'. To which I about FREAK out!

I really hope Morgans mimi isn't going to read this ;) because she will be furious with me...
So, I call 911 and about panic. I did not have time to look up poison control and I don't do well in a crisis with my child. The fire dept shows up and so do the neighbors. Her pulse ox was low so they gave her some oxygen. She was kind of lethargic and she was also really calm and good which is not usual. The firemen wanted her to go via ambulance to the ER to monitor her respiratory system.

So we go and they monitored her. Her heart rate was high but she was fine.

Y'all this one is my fault but I am so SICK of this!! I am tired of all of the bills once again piling up with medical expenses. I am also sick of judgmental people who ask questions like "Why are y'all sick all of the time?" BECAUSE WE LOVE IT! We love paying doctor bills!!! No we haven't had a vacation in years because our money goes to the hospitals! I am so glad I have been reading about Jobs friends and the ways they did not comfort him and the idiotic judgmental things they said. I have had my share. Especially at church. There are a lot of Sundays where people will be like Oh where's Rod and I will tell them Morgan is sick or whatever and they are like Oh again. They aren't really concerned just judgmental. I have had my fill of it lately.

Please pray for me and thank you in advance for being so caring!


Stephanie (Ocean Mommy) said...


I have SO been there. I feel like we've spent most of our married life paying medical bills.

What would really get me would be when things were really tight and a friend would show up with a new car, or some great piece of clothing. I really tried to be happy for them, but it was just so hard sometimes.

I will be praying for you and Morgan.


Anonymous said...

Jenny! Oh no! Is she OK? Sorry this happend! As I recall that grape dimetap does taste good! Your nerves must be shot:) My sister did the same thing when she was little and had to have her stomach pumped, my mom was a wreck.
I hope you guys stay healthy this year! It's no fun being sick and as if you can help it...believe me I know people can be so rude but as I learned today just brush it off it's better than telling them off!

darla said...

sweetie, I love you. I don't why people have to be so uncaring or careless. But I know in my heart that you are an awesome mommy! this kind of thing can happen to anyone, and it only takes a minute with your back turned, you can't be expected to keep you eyes glued to the child 24/7, its impossible!! My son was always sick for the first three years of his life, and my inlaws were sure that I wasn't taking care of him, but me and God know better!! and when it all comes down to it, HE is all that matters what HE thinks! Praying for you Princess!

Ang baylis said...

I am SO sorry you are going through this, Jenny! I am glad you are reading the book of Job right now so you won't worry about what the friends say, only worry about what God thinks! I am praying that He wraps His arms around you and Morgan! You are a GREAT mother, Jenny! Things like this happen all of the time! Don't worry, she'll be okay!

I'm glad you have this group of siestas who understand and who love you and will remind you that you are the BEST mom around!

Much Love,
Angie xoxoxo

Care said...

Dear Jenny are hope ;)...I came upon your site looking up "bless you exceedingly abundantly". You have done that and so much more. God is using you to bless a sister you don't even know. THANK YOU :). I'll be praying for you and Morgan. She's a doll and so are you. Thank you for sharing Christ and being so real. Hugs

Care said...

Dear Jenny are hope ;)...I came upon your site looking up "bless you exceedingly abundantly". You have done that and so much more. God is using you to bless a sister you don't even know. THANK YOU :). I'll be praying for you and Morgan. She's a doll and so are you. Thank you for sharing Christ and being so real. Hugs

nancygrayce said...

Oh, my dear, please know this phase of life will go so quickly, even though right now it will seem like forever. My 30 year old got a bottle of prescription pills when he was about 3 and got that child proof cap right off and hid and ate some (never did know how many). So off we went to the hospital. I think we gave him the medicine to make him throw up...but that's been a long time ago. Don't worry what others think, just do the best you can because in the end, that's all any of us do!

He Knows My Name said...

oh yes jenny you all are in our prayers. please keep us updated as to how she is doing. much love. ~janel

Leigh said...

Breath in, breath out. It is ok. The naysayers are just that. Don't pay them any mind. You are a GREAT mom, that is obvious, and it has happened to every mother before....we turn our backs for one minute and something happens. But it will be ok.Chalk it up to more experience. One day, it will be a nice story to share with Morgan's boyfriends. In the meantime I know that mommy needs a break! Bless you. I am thinking and praying for you!!

Jessica said...

Oh Jenny.. I am so sorry for all of this. What a long, crazy night. You know, Psalm 34:18 really spoke to me as I read you post. It says, "The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart. And saves those who have a contrite spirit." Jenny, trust that He knows your heart, knows your fears, and knows, above all, the truth- the truth that you are a wonderful, caring mommy, who gives more than 110% to her baby. Don't allow those people in your life to bring you down. A wonderful mother, such as yourself, should be commeneded and rewarded for being so full of love and faith. I am praying for strength! : )

Faith @ The Great Adventure said...

Aww, Siesta, I am so sorry! I know the feeling. :( Big hugs to you and praying for a respite from doctors and medical bills!

Bev Brandon said...

Jessica said the word that just jumped out at me...broken...I've been thinking about that so much lately ---we're all looking for better lives, better things and we just need to be broken before HIM and that's where you come in cause you live "broken" before the One you adore and worship and trust. Brokenness. Hey, I came here to find out why you were in the ER and I about flipped out...OH NO, dimetapp dilemma. So what do I say to you? Do I list all my mishaps?? They knew us by first name in the ER---"here come The Brandons" we had SO MANY strange things happen like collapsed lungs from a pecan inhaled into lungs, ingestion of poisonous plant and diaper pail deodorizer and cleaning solution and even rocks lodged in a nostril and a metal barrette stuck in a preschool head and oh my...i'll stop here to say that I know you will find your good God even in this. Deductibles are scary but you live openhanded and you will keep on trusting in adversity and prosperity. Hope she's okay. I had to call the ambulance for myself not too long ago cause I was dehydrated and...all the while I am thinking, I cannot afford an ambulance! Once they got me stabilized, I got in the car and drove down to ER. I don't like it that I make decisions based on money or no money. I just want to do what God wants me to do and trust HIM! I know you do!!! Sorry this is so long and it's not on my own blog...aaahhhh!!! I came to find out about ER and now to say, once again, I am truly so sorry Jen that that all happened to you.

Heather said...

OH girl! I'm so sorry! Sometimes it seems that we just can't catch a break. I think we all go through those times. for you it is sickness for others it is something else. Don't worry about others (easier said than done I know) for they have their own seasons they are trying to cover up. Keep being you and let God continue to shine through you during this season of your life. And know that it won't always be this way!

Think on a positive side ... you can deduct all those medical bills and copayments and prescriptions from your taxes!!!! And that means a bigger refund for you :)!

Fran said...

You are well prayed for sweet friend. WE have all got you covered. Remember....if you don't have anything nice to say then don't say it people!

I do hope Morgan is better. I hope you are ok too. I'm praying for all of you. And, your friends! :)

Love you!

jennyhope said...

y'all are the sweetest bunch of people ever! Thank you! And thank you for your stories so I dont feel alone! =)

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Just makes me want to snatch those people bald headed!! I'm so sorry for such hurtful people. No doubt you'd rather be well - who'd think otherwise? I pray for God to continue to sustain you with His mighty arm!

Lori said...

Oh Jenny...I am sorry that Morgan had to go to the hospital. I must say though that when I was little i was known to fake a cough to get some purple medicine! Please for one min. do not think that is your fault. Things like that happen, you are a WONDERFUL mom and don't let Satan or anyone else tell you different.

Lori said...

One more thing...since you are in Job...check out Job 13:5

"If you would just keep your mouth shut...that would be your wisdom!"
Holeman Translation

Our women's ministry is selling these shirts and I just love them. Don't you wish that some people would just learn to keep their mouths shut and let that be their wisdom! I have also learned that is when I am the most wise!

Anonymous said...

Jenny, just wondering why you feel that people are being judgemental when they find out one of you is sick? I know that I have asked,"Where's Morgan?" And I'm sure I have responded with Oh, no. Not again. (Or something like it) It is said out of a concern & sympathy for you. What do you want the response to be? Just curious as to how I can change. And remember, I only live like 1 mile from you and I'm a nurse! I would be more than happy to help you out with whatever. Ella would LOVE to play with Morgan. Love you!
Mandy Hartman

jennyhope said...

I figured I would respond to Mandys comment on here (she goes to my churc). I was sort of having a bad day when I wrote this post and not everyone at my church is rude and judgmental ;) but there have been a select few that ask me about what is wrong in judgement like oh there they are again with all of their problems. I have had someone even tell me we are sick because of some strongholds or sin in my life. Anyway, I have had people suggest that maybe there is something I am doing wrong or maybe there is something wrong in my house that is causing us to have problems. So I am sorry for making it look like I meant everyone I certainly do not and I have been so blessed by genuine people like mandy who are truly concerned. sorry for the confusion. It is hard to explain and I am not one to read into things but I think anyone who has been thru enough can tell when people care vs brash judgemental rudeness. that is what i was talking about. sorry and i hope this sounds right. ;)

connorcolesmom said...

Oh I am SO SORRY about MOrgan. I would have freaked out too!
And you are right with all the stuff they are saying abouth cold medicine - yikes. I am glad she pulled through it ok. And all the people passing judgement well they have a higher power who they will have to deal with but you just remember - count it all as joy (I know easier said than done)
I must say it does get easier with the little ones getting sick. We are finally stepping into the clear. My oldest has not been sick in forever and Cole has also been pretty well (he caught my pertusis but bounced back quickly)
I will continue to pray for you!
Love ya,