Friday, February 8, 2008

beths blog today...LOL

Most of you who read my blog read Beth Moore's blog as well. Go read todays entry because I about died!! I am going to paste my comment here so you can read it just for fun times. It was good to take this jog in my mind!! I laughed out loud!

my comment:
Oh I love it! I laughed out loud most of the way through this post. Especially when you said some of your jackets may have been be-dazzled!! LOL! Also, Jackson looks mighty fine!
Bibby you sure do wear some expensive smocks for makeup!! LOL!! ;)
Look on the bright guy has seriously bought me BACK SCRATCHERS from most of the states he has been to as gifts (from the gas station..and let's not forget the state magnets for the fridge. I have an assortment of colors if you ever need to borrow one to go with your outfit. He even bought me a JUMBO pencil with my home state of ALABAMA's logo. I pulled that bad boy out in church one day so I could put it to use and everyone about fell out of the pew. Oops.
Then, this is soooo a last ditch effort before our first valentines day (he is VERY LAST MINUTE) he comes in with my gift...a chocolate license plate that said I heart you! I am about died and tried to find it in me to be nice about my gift wrapped in the wal-mart bag. LOL
Thanks for the laugh this morning!!

then rod gets a shout out from beth ;) He is famous! j/k No but really...I think he takes the cake for the most last minute gift ideas!!

OK, you guys have me so tickled that my eyes are stinging. How about Stacy Harp's husband getting her guitar picks for Valentine's because they "looked like a heart"? THEN, maybe the best ever is our siesta whose husband brings her BACK SCRATCHERS (laughing so hard I can hardly type) from most of the states he's been to. He was also thoughtful enough of her heritage to bring her a jumbo pencil with the logo from her home state of Alabama on it. Y'all about did me in on this one. I love y'all so much.

PS. Georgia Jan, I can totally get into you pointing with the paint stirring stick. Yes. Excellent choice.

February 8, 2008 11:23 AM


Amy said...

Girl that is AWESOME! You and Beth will most surely have side-by-side mansions in heaven :-)

Sherry said...

RATS!!! Like the kind most people kill with a broom. They sell um at the pet store for 10 bucks! What happened to your myspace and facebook? I went to throw a sheep at you and you were gone!!!

At least I know where to find you!!!

Bev Brandon said...

i haven't read LPM yet...sounds hysterical...the jumbo pencil---did somebody's husband actually bring them one home! and backscratchers? and oh no, i gotta go read this....

Bev Brandon said...

oh my was Rod and the jumbo...and state magnets...Jen you are absolutely so make me laugh at myself and life...i bought myself a pencil at the Capitol with a gavel on the end of it from supreme court...and I still have it...does that count?

BethAnne said...

I read this on LPM and I have to say that I think you are being too hard on your hubs :-) I mean after all doesnt your back itch sometimes? Doesnt everyone need a backscratcher? He sounds like a very practical guy and a giver too! You should be so thankful! :-) ;-) too funny!

Susan said...

Oh, Jenny. I have a whole new appreciation for you. And for Rod. Gotta love a man who is, at least, thinkin' bout ya!

Nicole said...

Hey Jenny, I have owed you a shout for a week or so I think now. I have been just *buried* at work and still don't have internet access at all so I just haven't had much time for blogging. Anyway, thank you so much for your sweet message you left a few days ago, that really lifted my spirits.

Praying for you as well, my bedazzled sister in Christ! ;)



Charity said...


Sorry I have been behind on my commenting and my posting! It has been a CRAZY week!!

I hope you are getting some rest!


Little Steps Of Faith said...

I just love you:)
I am still sick over this not being able to breathe stuffy head fever thing..:(

Anyway, Beth really encourages me, because Keith reminds me so much of Mark :) Thats awesome:)

I guess there is hope afterall LOL:)

Have a good one girlie:)

He Knows My Name said...

so funny i loved the jumbo pencil. hugs ~janel

Leigh said...

How amazingly cool is that! WOW! He should be shamed from buying those now! Ya think? I cannot wait to see what you get this week!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Hey I went to bug you on facebook, and you weren't there? What happen? Don't you love me anymore:(

Anyways, just chilling here not breathing, just actually cold, so actually yea. lol


Bev Brandon said...

This is Britt, Bev's son. I want to invite you to come to my mom's blog to see what your donation did in the lives of the Thai orphans. Thank you very much for your support and prayers for your orphan. It was greatly appreciated! Britt

Tam said...

See, Rods crazy presents have brought joy and laughter to so many!

I had never been to Beths blog before. When i saw there 285 comments to that post I thought, "Does she really read through these AND comment?"

Yup! Very cool. And real! Love it!

Jackie said...

oh girl...I am laughing (at YOUR post!) I was cracking up about the "frock" blog the other day. That is so my man...everything "woman" is FOREIGN to him!!
:) Hope you had a good weekend. love ya!

mandy said...


Faith said...

ROFL. And congrats on your man's newfound fame! ;)