Sunday, February 17, 2008

Ever the manipulator

Soooooo I can remember being a little bitty girl and staying up way into the night. I really do remember that! One night when I was 3 (my mom was single and my twin sister and I shared a room while my other sister slept in my moms I got away with my badness) I decided to mop the floors in the middle of the night. What? My mom found me later with the water running and an old wet t-shirt that I changed out of, asleep on the floor. I think my child must be following in my steps with the staying up. So the manipulation part:
We did flash cards (a couple hours ago) then read a book and started veggie tales. I had to fold some clothes and I went back to her room to check on her and she was out of her bed playing. Well, she saw me and started to "praise" dance. Well, of course I had to join in and I couldn't get her in trouble for praise dancing. I am a sucker.

I am just curious about something unrelated to the post.
How much do you spend (or budget to spend) in a month at the grocery store? And how many people do you have to feed in your home?

Lord, PLEASE make Morgan go to sleep. I am so tired.


Bev Brandon said...

Oh. My. Gracious.
Grocery bills in the middle of the night--I am so laughing enjoying you! Lord, please let that precious baby in the blanket slumber! I cannot believe you remember being three! And why weren't you sleeping in the same room with your mom? You have so broken the manipulation of family life. You are so free. And, our grocery bills? Sky high feeding 3 boys who are athletes and eat more than 3 meals a day, like 5. Whew!

BethAnne said...

Four people in our house. Way too much at the grocery store (just spent $312 at Sam's last week, but wont have to go back for a while). We dont do strict budgets, so there isnt an exact amount to spend - we just look at what we have after all bills are paid and try to keep it within reason. I am guessing at least $100 per week though.

My mom always tells me that with my boys, I am paying for all the thingsI did to her when I was little. I hate that part!!!

Heather said...

We spend about $300 to $350 for 4 of us. And honey my boys can EAT! What will I do when they grow older?

Fran said...

Hey Jenny....
I sure hope Morgan went to sleep for you last night....i know you have to be so tired. Its hard to get mad at them when they are being so cute.

Well, I have a family of 5 and I'm a big Target and Walmart shopper. I don't go to Kroger or any other grocery store bc it is just way too expensive. I'll go in Kroger if I only need 3 or 4 things.

I'm a shopper that will get the kids food and snacks for lunch but I meal shop. I'm not a good planner when it comes to the week of eating bc our weeks are so busy with the boys.

I have no idea what I spend weekly because i'm at Target or Walmart every other day it seems. I'm just gonna make it as cheap as possible. 3 boys are expensive.

Have a good Monday friend.
Love ya~

Teri said...

Budget: $150.00/week
family of 5

I try to be very creative because this has to buy all of my houshold needs. (Laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, paper supplies, grooming supplies...etc.)

I have taught some friends my tricks, but it does take a little commitment and order.

bookworman said...

After getting up at 7am yesterday morning to get ready to go to church my darling 3 year old Samantha finally tinkered out this morning at 2am. This is the third night in a row. EEEKKK! I am with you on the exhaustion. As far as the groceries go...there are JUST three of us, Hubby, Me and Sami and on average I spend $125/week. Sometimes more, very seldom less!!
Blessings to you and your family, new blog friend!
Your Siesta, Elaine from VA

Charity said...

Bless your heart! How do you function on such a little amount of sleep!? Does she take a nap during the day? I hope she finally went to sleep for you girl! Whew!

Um...I am like Fran. I LOVE Walmart and Target. I always buy the walmart brands when I can. I go to Walmart every two weeks. It boils down to about $100 a week. Of course Landon is such a picky eater AND he doesn't eat much anyway! Not yet at least.

mandy said...

two seminary students = about $250/mo in grocery store trips.....

we could probably cut back, but we live in an affluent area. so grocery prices are stinking high here.

HisTreasuredPossession said...

Hmmm...we just re-did our budget 2 weeks ago. We now feed 4 (the 5th is nursing) and we've budgeted $600 a month. I'm not sure if that's a good, reasonable amount. But my 2 boys eat a lot for littles...I shop at SuperTarget mostly, but do Sams and Walmart too. Hope this is helpful. Love you siesta!

DidiLyn said...

when my boy was small he never wanted to sleep and could do with out it waaaay better than me. Guess what. He STILL can! This kid is 24 now and can get aong on 2-3 hours of sleep and still be wide awake and functioning. I don't get it....

Heather said...

just me and Harold and we spend about 100/wk on groceries. sometimes more/sometimes less but it averages about that. i shop at publix mostly because i love it so much even though it is a bit more pricey. i'm sure we'll have to cut out lots of grocery store extras when georgia gets here :)