Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The dreaded YEARLY!

Dudes (not dudettes) stop reading now! Thanks =)

I had the dreaded "yearly" doctors appointment with my ob/gyn. Last night I asked Rod to pray for me about it as my nerves were already jumping. He had his hand on my head as he was praying and I was chewing my favorite gum 90 to nothing. He asked me why my head was pulsating and I told him I was chewing gum. He stopped mid prayer and said "babe stop it...that would give me a headache." I have a very addictive personality and I must chew gum. Weird I know. Quick boring story... Rod bought a pack of gum Saturday and a paper. Well, he left the gum in my car (we are so opposite on the gum choice, he likes the spicy-hot kind) and I had to fess up and tell him when I got home from meeting my friend Abby that I had chewed the whole pack. He was stunned that I chewed a whole pack of gum in a few hours. Once it loses the taste I get a new piece. OK aren't you so glad you tuned in? I really think chewing gum works out my facial muscles and burns calories. KIDDING!
My point to the story is that I am pretty intense and even chewing gum relieves some of the tension. So back to the doctor. I really have the most precious female doctor who loves Jesus and his family and his patients. I can't help but swell with emotion over the fact that I wouldn't have my precious sweetie if it weren't for the Lord using this mans skill. He is an extremely good high risk doctor. So...he comes in the room and I am shaking. He was like know me why are you all nervous. I seriously reached my target heart rate upon entering the office. Then, my blood pressure was way high and I always have low blood pressure (all because of the dreaded yearly). Does anyone really get used to those appointments? I had to be "checked out ;)" twice a week and almost daily on bed rest and I NEVER got used to it. Wouldn't there be something wrong if I was like WHOOOO HOOOOO my yearly...I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!?????

Also, sorry I have been out of touch with blog land lately...I have been so busy. You all are such an encouragement to me!!


Fran said...

I have my appt. tomorrow and i'm already worked up over it....I'll go get some packs of gum and see how that helps. :)

You take care. I'm praying for you daily....Oh yeah, I need your email bc I have something to mail you. The Lord, plain as day, put it in my heart last night when I was going to bed! Hmmmm....So, i've got to send you something.


Charity said...

You are so funny! I certainly don't look forward to it, but I got used to it when I had Landon. I think also since I am a nurse, and the longer I am a nurse, I realize that those people think just like I do. They don't think a thing about "checking" someone. It is just their job just like it is my job to help my patients. I just do what I have to do.

I could tell you some funny stories about some of my experiences. Oh the crazy experiences I have had.

I hope you and Morgan have a fun day!


Leigh said...

I hope you got a good report. Feel well.
Lifting you in prayer,

mandy said...

i went last fall to a generic place near the seminary, where all the seminary wives go. i'd heard great things about it...

BUT, little did i know that it was THE BEST visit i'd ever had. the physician's assistant lady was wonderful. i was ready to go back the next day.

never thought i'd feel that way about a gyno visit!

Emily said...

i chew gum like a wild woman at work! I don't look forward to that yearly either, I am thankful for a Christian Dr. too. I saw my doctor at a Chris Tomlin concert praising the Lord!
I am going to San Antonio for the sieasta fiesta, so excited! Do you need a roomie? I have a room but no roomie. Kim said you have a room, so maybe something could be worked out if you still need a roomie. I don't really want my own room, let me know! Either way, I am soooo excited! I can't believe my husband agreed to the trip with the expense and all.

connorcolesmom said...

I CAN NOT stand my yearly. I dislike it so much that I have not been in 2 years. I know I need to go but YUCK YUCK YUCK!
You are cracking me up with the gum thing though - chew it baby and work out those nerves :)
Love ya,

Emily said...

Hey! Just saw that you are rooming with Fran, so I am on the hunt for another roomate. If you know of anyone, let me know!

Tam said...

I have a Christian doctor too! He delivered both my babies. I absolutely love him! But not fond of why i have to see him.

So why is it that when you're on the table. Naked. You have that paper gown around you. Doc comes in has you lay down and put your feet in the stirups. He says scoot down a bit then lay down. Sure!!

Why is it I NEVER scoot down enough??!!! So there he is - sitting "there" and I have to scoot down more...all up in his grill...I'm sorry.... i hate it!

You don't have to approve this comment if content is too...well, graphic =)) HA!

Bev Brandon said...

i had 10 babies and got used to it, if you can ever get used to no i didn't get used to's are hysterical...glad it went well...i'll bring you gum in S.A. cause your blood pressure is going to go back up and me and we are going to be so excited!

Lori said...

This cracked me up! I have a Christian doctor and I LOVE him. But I too had MAJOR issues with "the visit". The first time I went to him he did not even check me because I was freaking out so bad! A few years later he tried to give me medication :) I went back at the end of Jan. (only because a friend of mine goes to him and told him I had not been since I had my 6 week check up after having he CALLS ME!)and I give in and make the app. I was all worked up but it went great! I finally felt like a big girl :)

Honea Household said...

I know your feelings. But honestly, I would rather go to the girl doctor than to the dentist.

I dreamed I met you the other night. We were at the Beth Moore thing in August. It was fun! :)

Suzanne B said...

I don't think any of us like "that" appointment. I think I would rather have a root canal.

Miss you.