Friday, February 8, 2008

My Child

So, Morgan has started to make connections with things like Santa and cartoons like Little Bill. We were at Wendys last week and she saw a black man next to us who was getting in his car and started saying loudly..."LITTLE BILL!! LITTLE BILL! LITTLE BILL!" I said shhh Morgan. She just thought he looked like "Little Bill" so of course if he looks like little bill, he must be little bill.
Then, there is a homeless man that sort of looks like a Santa Claus, that hangs out at the gas station that we usually stop at. Whenever I see him coming I have this conversation in my head of Oh no! We have got to get out of here before Morgan says anything. She sees him and in all her innocence SHOUTS OUT (we are a loud family) SANTA!!! "Shhh Morgan...don't say that," I tell her. She is only 2 people. Fun times!!
Please feel free to share any embarrassing stories that you may have. =)


Super B's Mom said...

Super B & I are about to walk into Wal-Mart. A woman is standing on the sidewalk smoking.

Super B in a very loud and animated voice: "MOMMY LOOK! That lady is smoking one of those nasty cigarettes. DISGUSTING!!!"

And he begins to cough and gag.


I couldn't help but think of the penguins on "Madagascar".

"Just smile and wave boys...Just smile and wave..."

Darla said...

maybe you shoul post a blog and have comments on the most embarrassing moments our small children have given to us.

When my oldest was two..she only knew white people and my foster sister has black children but they are light skinned...we saw a very dark skinned huge man at the store,,and she looks him in the face and points and starts yelling Bubble bubble bubble!! omg..I thought I was going to die literally. I didn't say a word..she is baby babbling! LOL she always said Bubble when she wanted a bath, she hated dirt...she thought the man was dirty.. :)

Rachel said...

Hey Jenny~ Cut and paste this link to read about lead now and fusion. Their passions is great!!!

StaceyStace said...

Hey, I found you through Rachel. I just had to laugh when I read this. When my son was about 2, we were at the pool. I saw a very large lady in a very small swimsuit approaching. I KNEW he would want to talk about it - right then. So I tried desperately to distract him, but when she got just in front of us, he looked up in amazement and asked, "Mommy! What's wrong with that lady's 'wegs'? They're huge!" Yes, just one of the times he made me blush!

Emily said...

This was so funny but very embarassing- I was walking down my street with my then infant daughter in her stroller and Benjamin who was 4 at the time. Ben is always a risk for saying things at the wrong time but is always being observational and not mean, and this was one of those times. My neighbor was outside in her yard bending over doing something and Ben shouts out (as an observation) "Mommy, look at that big fat bottem!" I was so mortified, but thankfully was able to respond immediatly with, "Benjamin, don't you talk about your mother that way! I told you not to say that about me anymore!"
I quickly got inside...ahhh!

Leigh said...

LOL! To cute. yes, indeed children do say the darndest things.