Wednesday, October 31, 2007

update and pics

I took morgan to the ER last night. She has what they think to be gastroenteritis but that has not been determined fully until we get her labs. She threw up over 30 times and has had a ton of diarrhea. So please keep us in your prayers. I am exhausted and have had like 1 hour of sleep. Anyway, I came home to get some clothes real quick and Rods parents are so sweet as always they came to watch her (hopefully they will let her come home from the hospital tomorrow). Thank you Lord. I AM LOVING "Stepping Up" by Beth Moore! So good! Anyway, more pics to come and thanks for the prayers!

me and my friend Roosevelt

a little nervous riding the carousel

morgan lookingat the Toys R Us ad

me and alissa (she is linked to on my blog)

morgan and amy


pinkmommy said...

Oh my goodness. I am so sorry! I hope she is better today!

I will be praying for you guys.

Charity said...

BLESS MORGAN'S HEART and YOURS TOO! That is a horrible feeling when your child is sick! I am sure you both are exhausted! Looks like she had fun before the sickness! She looks absolutely adorable! I LOVED Raggedy Ann when I was little.
Praying for you both!

connorcolesmom said...

Oh I will keep Morgan in my prayers please keep us posted on her progress.
I love the pictures. She is jsut precious.
Love ya,

Little Steps Of Faith said...

OMG...I was Raggedy Ann when I was her age AWWWWW!!!

He Knows My Name said...

little morgan is in the hospital? absolutely good move to go to er. i am praying for her and you all. i hope you can get some sleep today even if it's in a hospital recliner.

i need to get some new bm stuff. i'm at that point with my stuff i'm saying her next line. bad.

pictures are soooo cute. did you make her costume. love it.


Anonymous said...

Oh my word Morgan looked adorable!!!!

Tam said...

anxious to hear how Morgan is doing...

Fran said...

Praying for you Jenny. You let that darling Morgan know that your friends all over are praying for her. May God bless her and heal her quickly.


Jackie said...

I am so sorry, hope things are okay, will DEF. be praying for you!!! The pics are PRECIOUS!!! Take care, love ya!

Anonymous said...

I hope Morgan is feeling better! Keep us posted!

Susan said...

I hope Little Miss M is feeling better and home soon!

debra said...

Poor little thing. I hope she gets to come home soon. very soon.

Shelly said...

Loving the pictures! hehe! Love it!

Faith @ The Great Adventure said...

So sorry you had to go through having your sweet baby girl in the hospital AND being sick yourself! Glad you two are doing better now. (((HUGS)))