Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Deo for the B.O.

Ok....this is going to be an informative TMI post! I have found a deodorant that I really like so I will share the love! I have tried it all to no avail. Here is one that is technically a man deo BUT it is more of a clean smell. DRUM ROLL!!!
Speed Stick Irish Spring! It really does work!!!! Now you can sleep at night knowing this! Next time you come close and get a whiff and think man she smells like Irish is the deodorant!


Abby said...

thanks girl...i WAS worried...that's why i'm still up...wanted to check on the situation...glad everything is ok... ;) hahaha

i'm a HUGE fan of dove "original clean" or something about being clean...i think that's what it a white container..with green writing :)

He Knows My Name said...

jenny, you were thinking about me and my dreaded wednesday, i'm honored, i just got off the phone with my husband to see if he followed up (they told us wednesday and would call ahead and have not as yet he is taking the day off whenever they come) it rained here (MI) on monday and is grey today (i need sunshine) and rain is in the forcast for tomorrow but you will hear i promise.


pinkmommy said...

I have started using Secret Clinical and love it. It keeps me dry all day.

stacey said...

All I'm going to think of when I see you tonight is your deoderant!!

Jackie said...

haha- you crack me up!! seriously, we need a few less stinky people out there, so bring on the CLEAN smell!!

love ya girl!

Suzanne B said...

Girl, you are too much!!

Miss you!