Monday, October 8, 2007


I really want to share some stuff but I have an interruption today. Rod is fine for all of you that asked...thank u. He was fine to begin with but I must say I am about to beat him to death...just kidding. For those of you that know me you will know I stay up very late. It is the only way I can get anything done. I also have to get up and get in the word if I am going to be in the Spirit at all. So, I get very irritated if you talk to me while I am in the word in the morning. You may not be able to talk until you have had your coffee... well the same is true for me about my dose of Scripture. So this is a pretty long standing thing in the Williams house...nothing new. Rod knows how I want to hear from God (fresh) before anything else crowds out my mind. He knows that we will all be better off when I can steal away with Jesus...or else I just can't face the day. Seriously.

So this morning, bright and early, the basement floods. Something is wrong with his bathroom shower and it overflowed to the downstairs. So guess who gets to clean it up. He left for work and I finished my bible study since I knew the water would be there when I got finished (please don't tell him). Anyway, I broke out the shop vac like he told me. Then, after about 5 minutes of sucking up water in this VERY NICE & EXPENSIVE shop vac...IT QUITS! (Let me tie this into scripture just for fun...on how temporary are treasures are...which a shop vac may be a treasure to Rod but not to me...LOL. Isaiah 40:8 The grass withers and the flowers fall,
but the word of our God stands forever.") I am thinking I need to go back to sleep. Anyway, I text Rod and he calls me back. He says that I was supposed to change the hose out. Well, who knew that? He said he figured I would call and ask him how to do that. Well, since I can't read minds and am not very knowledgeable in the area of SHOP VACS!!!!! NO I DIDN'T know to change out the hose to vacuum water!!!! So, it is shot and I am having to do the cave man thing and get a billion towels and go soak up the water. This is not a big deal but could you just say a prayer before I lose it today...please. On another note I loved reading Luke 8 about the hemorrhaging woman and the dead girl that was raised. Heal me Lord, raise the dead places in me Jesus. Help!!! :)


pinkmommy said...

Not a nice way to start your week! Praying for you during your tedious work today!

He Knows My Name said...

i got this post in the afternoon but i'm praying for you that you will have a better evening than your morning and rod would understand about the hose. i didn't take shop vac 101 either.