Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My 400th Post!

In honor of my 400th post I am going to share 400 interesting facts about me. JUST KIDDING!Or we could talk about the 400 years of silence from the Old Testament to the New.

No but really... I woke up early this morning and have gone non stop all day and here it is 12:25 am. My child IS the energizer lie. She JUST went to sleep regardless of my prayers and petitions to the throne room of grace, where I beg God to let her go to sleep before midnight. Anyway, I am laying on her floor just watching her sleep. When she does something she does it 100%...she is passed out. I can not even begin to tell you how taken I am with her. I am so eternally grateful that the Lord would entrust something so delicate and tender to me. As fragile as I am, I want to prove faithful in bringing her up. As I lay on the floor at the end of her bed I pray that she will know Him and love Him. I pray that she won't make some of the mistakes that I have made. I so desperately need God to give me wisdom in raising her.

To my Morgan:

1. I love your sweet little are so loving to your mommy.
2. I am so thankful that after 2 years and 4 months you finally started saying momma. And you are wearing it out! Momma everything.
3. I am so glad that you like Mexican food and you will go with me to our favorite restaurant at the drop of a hat and that all of the staff at the restaurant knows you.
4. I love your stubborn tenacity. I already see the leader in you. Now bridling your personality is going to be the challenge :).
5. I love to watch you eat. I love watching you tuck your hands under your chin and bow your sweet head and pray.
6. I love that some of your first words include "shoes" and "cookies" you are so much like your mommy.
7. I love that you are a momma's girl. We have so much and me.
8. You cracked me up the other night when you felt the need to wear your multi-colored tights to sleep instead of your jammies and then you just had to fall asleep in your bucket.
9. You scared me the other morning (the only time I have not supervised your sleepy time) when I went into your room and could not find you and you were asleep under the bed.
10. I love our dance parties for Jesus. You are a natural!
11. I crack up at your fake snoring which means that your dad must fall asleep sometimes while he is watching you or you would not know about that...seeing as how I don't snore.
12. There are so many fun things about you...and I must say you my child are a blessing from the Lord. I never knew that my heart could love someone like I love you.


HEWY said...

Congratz on your 400th!

lorisue said...

Congrats on the 400th post. I love your blog!

Alissa said...

Congrats on your 400th post! You are in inspiration to me!

You need to print this blog and put it somewhere safe for Morgan to read one day. I know that she will treasure it forever!

connorcolesmom said...

WOW - 400 posts!
I am not even to 100 yet :)
I love what you wrote about sweet Morgan.
She sounds like my Cole - he doesn't like to sleep either.
Bless your heart she just loves her time with her mommy :)
God bless,

Abby said...

that is too sweet...can't believe you are at 400!! i have a ways to go before i even get to 100!!
what great things to write about your little one...loving the mexican food one ;)

Faith @ The Great Adventure said...

Congratulations on making it to 400!! I love your blog ... and your Morgan sounds so precious, just like her mama!