Thursday, October 11, 2007

who really cares?

I had to work tonight which will bring me to a really pointless story. I am going to sidetrack first and tell you some useless information:

1. Morgan just made me reach my target heart rate by the loud boom upstairs. I bolted to her room only to find that she had dropped her books on her and not her dresser PTL! She is into climbing shelves.

2. I am eating a bagel with cream cheese (Lenders has the mini-bagels you can buy in a good).

3. Morgan ripped all of the keys off of my laptop last I have a little more time on my hands since I CAN NOT STUDY my online course! AAAHHH!!

4. It is officially fall in Alabama and I wore a sweater to work tonight.

5. I got a raise today.

Here is my situation. I really hope that none of my co-workers read this blog. LOL! kidding. Every time I work with certain people I itch like crazy. After several weeks of this I thought I was going to claw my eyes out...even with the Benadryl. Then it occured to me...I only itch like that when I am around cats (I am itching just thinking about it...that is my level of weirdness). So, I began to take a little animal survey and found out that some of my co-workers have multiple cats. So this explains dander. Do you think I should ask them all to get rid of their cats for me? Just kidding. I think the Lord gave me allergies to cats because He knows how scared I am of them. He knew that I would need a reason to tell Morgan why mommy CAN NOT HAVE PETS. So He gave me allergies. Please don't take offense to me not liking cats...I just think they are sneaky and one bit me once. Then my grandmothers cat would claw me and pee in the center of my bed. It all began with a cat named snuffy. Well, I better go read my bible before I bore anyone under the bed. And if I hear of you scobbing any knobs (see previous post) I am calling DHR (Willblogforshoes)!! LOL!!


HEWY said...

LOL! But congrats on the raise!

debra said...

"Do you think I should ask them all to get rid of their cats for me?"

Do this and tell us their would be so funny.

Tam said...

Raise? Yay!!!! Always good!

I agree with Debra...I would totally ask that just for a response - how funny would that be?!

connorcolesmom said...

Congrats on the raise!
I am now craving a bagel and cream cheese :)
Love ya,

Fran said...

After I had my laptop for about a week...Dylan, my youngest who was probably 4 at the time....came in and started "playing" on the computer. He just flat out ripped off the "p" key and felt just horrible about it. Well, not really, because he threw it away and told me he didn't know what happened! Someones lying here!

Anyway....called Dell and asked for a "p" key and the every bit of 17 yr old guy on the other end in far away land.....just laughed. And laughed. They couldn't help me. So....I have no p key.

Anonymous said...

I've actually threatened to scob a certain Wog's knob several times today!

BTW, have you tried the Blueberry cream cheese?? Oh my... it's tasty!

He Knows My Name said...

1. kids don't ever stop doing that no matter how old they get, sorry to tell you that.

2. love them

3. little stinker

4. just like michigan

5. praise the Lord!!!

we have a homeowners association but they don't interfere, our issues were/are with an anonymous person/persons. this june 2 days after my daughter came home from the hospital her boyfriend parked his car in our driveway across the sidewalk, we don't do this, he did it twice, yes i said twice and the police were at our door letting us know he could issue a ticket if we did not immediately move the car while he watched. he (the policeman) was very apologetic but this is just another example. my heart leaped when i opened the door before he began to speak because my 19 year old son was out at the time. ya know, we really don't have any answers about these things, none. if i could just go to one thing we have done in the past that would be something i could hold on to and say ya they are still making us pay for that thing but we have nothing.

your pictures of rod are great, he is a handsome (manly) guy! and the pic of morgan in the bucket how sweet, when they're tired sometimes it doesn't matter where they konk out.

my son said i have to get a card reader for my camera because i cannot successfully repair the kodak software. i've been in a blog slump this week i hope next week is better. i think i just blogged on your blog. sorry :)

God Bless you this weekend. ~janel

Charity said...

Congrats on the raise!

Landon also loves to climb!! Brady had to secure his chest to the stud in the never fell on him, but we were afraid it would!

I don't like cats either!! I am a dog person through and through. Cats are really sneaky and my friend had one a long time ago and it attacked my ankles every time I walked by it!! Scary!

I am also in AL and have never heard of "scobbing any knobs"! What rock have I been under! Too funny!

BethAnne said...

In TN we know about scobbing knobs although I am not a fan of that phrase.
I am with everyone else - ask them to ditch the cats or tell them they need to wash the dander out of their clothes before coming to work.
I am really allergic to cats too - it stinks! When we go on to outreach at church on Tuesday nights I always know as soon as I walk through someones door whether they have a cat or not - it is so embarrassing to sit in someones home and invite them to church while you are sneezing and wheezing and brushing cat hair off your pants.

Jackie said...

you are HILLARIOUS!!! and a raise..woo hoo- that is something to celebrate this weekend. I am happy for you that you got to wear a sweater, I may pack all of mine up and mail them to you...I seem to have no use for them here in the HEAT of the day in TX. Hope you are having a GREAT weekend!! love ya!

darla said...

mmmmm Lenders mini bagels are soooo good!! Have you tried the strawberry ones?? they rock!

Congrats on the raise...i do have a cat who thinks she is a dog, but the dogs don't believe it! I am ready to be pet less, but kids would hate me for sure...little advice..don't start pets and you will not end up like me. :)

But asking wouldn't hurt anything.."would you get rid of your pets as I am allergic to you? or could you please change your clothes before you come to work you are carryin cat dander...hahahahahahhahahaha you may get your scob knobbed!

Faith @ The Great Adventure said...

You are adorable! I'm allergic to cats, too, so I feel ya on this one!

Leigh said...

Jenny Hope,
Just wanted to say, I enjoy your blog!Your family is precious!