Tuesday, October 9, 2007

On a serious note!

On a serious note: This morning I was looking at the callous on my right index finger and I just have to laugh about why it is there. I was not sure a few weeks ago why it was there. I thought man I must really journal so much in my talks with God that I have a callous on my finger. NO is from fixing my hair with the flat iron. Is that not hilarious. Knock the spiritual pride right out of me...ha ha! So much work goes into the do that I have earned a callous!

On another note I am having blog technical difficulties. I am at Panera about to start studying so that may be why. Anyway...thought you would could a nice laugh out of my carpenter (like Jesus)...cough cough...fixing my hair calloused hands. I hope you get my humor by now.


Little Steps Of Faith said...

hair calloused are a trip!
Jen, Jesus didn't have a flat iron back then(in case you didn't know)

I am working on my blog right now, its title is, " Somedays are meant for black nail polish."

I figured it was a good title:)

Take care of your hair calloused hands silly one:)


Jackie said...

the lord understands our need to fix our hair, I mean, He DID create us as and all!!

I love ya girl!
PS- tagged you for a meme on my blog!

Jackie said...

oh yeah... and I am sure Esther and the other ladies who had to go through ONE YEAR'S worth of beauty treatments had a few callouses on their hands too!! :)

connorcolesmom said...

HEHE - that is funny!!
Hope your computer works better - I love hearing from you.
oh and the church visiting is going well. God has told us to visit a few churches but has not told us to leave our current church home. So we will see...
God bless,

Fran said...

That was good Jenny....we can all understand and relate.

Happy healing~

Ang baylis said...

You are hilarious!
I finally answered the meme on my man tagged me a while ago! Sorry it took so long!

Thanks... it was fun!
Angie xoxo

Mr. and Mrs. D said...

That is hilarious! Found your blog from Beth Moore's blog.

Thanks for the giggle!

Mrs. D

Profbaugh said...

Oh Jenny, that is so classic. Thanks for the much needed laugh.

Yup a flat iron and frizz ease. . two things that are a girl's best friend (tee hee).


Jackie said...

hey girl, I was trying to e-mail you but can't find your e-mail address...e-mail me and I'll reply back and send you my "story"
Love ya!

Faith @ The Great Adventure said...

And then there's me ... with all the little broken hairs at the nape of my neck from pulling my hair up every day because I'm too lazy to fix it ... ;)

Abby said...

no words for that...that is too good.

PTL for panera...i hope you don't experience any tragedies or spiritual trials of the food nature while you are there :)

Tam said...

You are out of control Jenny! I love you!!!