Wednesday, October 10, 2007

picture story

you can't see the multi-colored tights but she has them on and that is a bucket she thinks she needs to fall asleep in.

And there she is passed out in the bucket with all of the essentials.

Giving Him some praise while she sleeps (notice her hands!)


Aren't I so cute!

Momma's spaghetti is my favorite! I not only eat it I wear it!


This is her sleeping last night while I typed my 400th post!


Fran said...

That angel of yours is the cutest thing I've ever seen!! Absolutely

You are such a good momma. Your light is shining SO brightly and your daughter is going to be a beautiful princess worshiping and loving her Jesus just as her momma does. She's already well on her way.

You bless me always. Have a great day!

connorcolesmom said...

I love the pictures. She is so cute.
Oh and wearing the spaghetti that is so funny. It must be good b/c she wants to cover herself with it.
Much love,

Jackie said...

she is PRECIOUS beyond words. I love the spaghetti pic- that is about ANY meal with Sara- she holds the fork in one hand and then eats with her fingers on the other hand...a battle I lose ALL the time!! Hopefully she wont be a 5 yr old eating with her fingers! :)
Sleeping pics are my favorite- so sweet!!

Tam said...

I remember my kiddos holding the fork in one hand and eating with the other...that is hilarious!

She looks like she keeps you on your toes girl!

She is very beautiful...How blessed she is to have you to call mama!

Anonymous said...

What sweet pictures!

Take care,

twinkle said...

And the way you love her is just one zillionth of how much God loves her and how much He loves you.

Now isn't that amazing!

She is so an angel when she's asleep.

Abby said...

PRECIOUS!!!!!!! :)

Charity said...

I am telling you what...she is so stinkin cute!! That spaghetti all over her face is hilarious! Landon won't eat spaghetti. He also has issues with his hands being dirty! Can you imagine that...a boy who doesn't want to get his hands dirty!!!
They really are precious gifts from Him!