Saturday, October 11, 2008

Can I get me a good Samaritan for goodness sake?

So, tonight I go to my baby brothers 18th birthday party and decide I am going to show everyone my biking skillz. Just kidding. Anyway, I get on one bike and Morgan starts to follow me out into the road. I grabbed the handle brakes and flipped over a ditch off of the bike and into the road. I kid you not. I flipped over the bike. Almost like the tubing stunt where I sprained my neck. What is the deal. I have a knot on my chin, bruised Achilles and a bruised backside if you know what I mean. Morgan saw me and was screaming for Uncle Will. It went something like All of his GUY friends were outside in the driveway and were like Will, man your sister is in the road. My sweet brother was like people get up and help her. He came and got me and the bike. It is all funny to me as I am so thankful nothing was any worse. I just thought my girls that know how clumsy I am would get a kick. I was so thankful that my outfit was not torn or my shoes scuffed...isn't that sad...the road rash was the least of my worries...LOL!! ps my dr. reports came back benign! PTL!

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GratefulinGA said...

You and my Bethy share much in common. She and Lauren could be your klutz cousins!

Glad you sustained no serious injury.

Hang in there girl!