Sunday, October 19, 2008

If anyone gets this before church

PLEASE say a prayer for me. I have to teach for 2 hours and I really need the Lord to show up on my behalf. I have not gone to sleep tonight so it will be all Him if I don't pass out at church. ;)


darla said...

I got this before church..and I am praying you through! Love you Princess, hope you at least get a nap sometime today, I am praying for that too!

jennyhope said...

DARLA!! I love you!! Thank you for praying for me. I am about to pass out!! For real!! I need my 5th wind

darla said...

HE is going to carry you this morning, HIS strength and HIS power...wondering what you are teaching about...seems to me that you may have some warfare around you Princess...I will pray through the morning, wish I could be there with you! love you!

Ang baylis said...

I am praying too, hope it's not too late! You are on my heart!
Angie xoxo

darla said...

Hopefully you are resting now! God kept you on my heart and prayers through the when you are rested we need a post or email that tells me what God did and how awesome HE was! love you

Bev Brandon said...

How did it go? I bet the beautiful God in your tired body was simply awesome. I would have loved to hear you.

Pray for me---now I have strept. I went from one infection to another plus hobbling on a foot with plantars fasciitis. What is it with Jenny and Bev? We keep the ER rooms hopping. Matt 11:28 - pray that I come closer.