Sunday, October 12, 2008

Surrendering the Secret

Sorry for like the 5th post today but I had some scheduled ones that rolled out. Anyway, I am joining in with this. Most of you know about it.

Surrendering the Secret...
We have a secret that is dominating our hearts and taking over the dark places in our livesWe go to church, work, social functions but feel so ashamed because of the burden we carrySometimes it is not our secret or burden but that of a loved one, friend, or acquaintanceThe secret is abortionOne in 3 women in the US have had an abortion but most of them feel too ashamed to even tell anyoneWell there is hope and help to break this strongholdLifeway is offering a great new DVD series called "Surrendering the Secret" by Pat LaytonPlease read the e-mail below for more information regarding this wonderful ministry, DVD series and a fantastic GIVEAWAY to help promote this ministryPlease click Melinda's blog link to register for this giveawayHi Ladies,First of all, THANK YOU to those who've agreed to partner with me for a large giveaway to promote the Surrendering the Secret post-abortion healing study, now available from Pat Layton and Lifeway. It's an awesome privilege for me to work with all of you to get the word out about the healing and freedom available to our sisters who are in bondage to this secret pain. This weekend, Pat will be at the Carenet convention, which is a national umbrella organization for crisis pregnancy centers. They will be putting the word out about the study and their web site/blogs, so I want the giveaway to coincide with when those people will be going to these sites after that conference. Because of this, I've decided to start the giveaway, on Monday, October 6th, and close it on Sunday, October 12th. I'll announce the winners on Monday, the 13th.This is the giveaway:Five (5) Surrendering the Secret DVD Leader KitsTwelve (12) Surrendering the Secret Member Books PER leader kit.I am also going to give each person two chances to enter:1 - Leave a comment2 - Link to the giveaway from their blog and leave a second comment with the link.The Lord brought to mind the five loaves that were given to feed the crowd, and with that offering, He multiplied them to feed thousands, with leftovers besides (Mark 6:40-44).I'm believing God to do the same with this offering of 5 kits; that He will multiply them and feed TENS of thousands and MORE with the nourishment only He can provide.Thank you, again, for joining me. There are SO MANY OTHERS whose hearts will thank you, too.To learn more about Surrendering the Secret, go HERE . To watch the promo video, go HERE . Hugs all around,Melinda


Melinda said...

Bless you, Jenny, for jumping on board! Be sure and go leave a second comment with your link included, so you're registered twice!

Hugs to YOU!

Allie said...

Hey, thankyou. And I'm sorry to hear your high risk that kinda stinks..but to the future I wish you many many happy healthy babies!!

Leigh said...

powerful movement