Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Travis Cottrell is coming to Birmingham!!

I am so fired up!! Travis Cottrell is bringing it to Birmingham!! I am so there.
He is going to be at First Baptist Trussville!!! I know you siestas that don't live here will be jealous with a godly jealousy that I will get to go get my praise on!!! ;)

ps. Mrs. Jill in Alabama I am going to get you for not telling me!! I know it is paybacks since you didn't get to go to San Antonio! ;) LOL


Anonymous said...

I promise I didn't know til Sunday AM.....let's sit together so we can both sing along together. It will be a blast!! See you there!

jennyhope said...

Do you know if I need to get a ticket? I tried to find it on the website.

Profbaugh said...

Hey Jenny,

You're right. I am jealous with a godly jealousy of course. You'll have to praise extra hard for me, since I can't be there; I'll be praising vicariously through you!!

Much love,

Patty said...

You will have to get your praise on for all of us!! I wish I could be there with you, someone needs to protect the person you will be standing next to. lol!!!

Love you,

ocean mommy said...

GIRL!!!! If I was closer, you would be havin' company!! I'm pumped for you!!!!


GratefulinGA said...

Godly jealousy only..hehe
We know you'll get your praise on enough for all yo Siestas!
We'll be listening for you!

Emmy said...

we are thinking about coming... not sure if it is going to work out or not! So many conflicts but I SO want to be there! Do you need to buy tickets?

Mary said...

Ahhh Jenny -- I am only about 20 minutes from FBC Trussville, but it's the last night of Bible study and since I'm like the leader, it't probably important I show up. Ohhh, but if I could get there, I'd be singing loud, proud and probably off key.

Y'all have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey, it's free and the doors open at 5:15. I'll probably go about that time. You have my cell so we'll talk. Loud and proud for all our siestas! Love, Jill

Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Okay, I'm not sure if I can forgive you for not telling me Travis was 2 stinkin' hours from here.

Okay, I do. Since you aren't feeling well. Tell me how your tests come back..

Love ya!