Tuesday, October 21, 2008

This Ain't No YMCA

Because I love you I am willing to share these pictures. Please take note of the hard hat.

I pulled down the ceiling tiles downstairs...NASTY!!

AND AGAIN. Please give me some credit since I was raised on a farm. For REAL. I thought the city life would get me out of the hard tasks...j/k.

now I am itching from insulation...good times as I am about to leave for bible study


Ang baylis said...

I get itchy just thinking about it! You did an amazing job! It's SO clean! Impresses... very impressed! Have a good Bible study. I'm going to mine, too!
Angie xoxo

BethAnne said...

SISTER!!! Moving to the city does NOT get you out of awful tasks. I am living proof of that....I will spend my day tying off steel rebar tomorrow before Bible study tomorrow night --- last week my hands hurt so bad I almost cried --- they were bleeding!!!!!! Bleeding I tell ya!!!

Sherry said...

You are so durn cute.

GratefulinGA said...

Good work! love the hard hat.
Safty first!

thanks for dropping by - I had no idea they were running my Spotlight today...How cool is that? Is God not the most amazing???

love ya sweet Jenny!

Honea Household said...

Good for you.

I thought the top of your head was cut off in the first picture. Then I read that you were wearing a hard hat. It blends in with the white building in the background. Haha.

Staceystace said...

I see I'm not the only one who looked puzzled at the pic w/the hard hat! You are super charming, but I did wonder where the top of your head was until I read that you were wearing a hard hat!

Just catching up on your posts: about the supercuts thing...remember my hair in San Antonio?!! reek, reek, reek is right! I will never, no never leave my blessed hairdo girl - even if I have to reschedule because my Mama is at the hospital! NEVER will I go back to Regis to take my luck of the draw and have my hair SHAVED from my head. (and might I add, I won't pay $40 for a joke of a haircut again, either) "I'm letting it grow, but I just want it shaped..." He obviously thought I was talking just to have something to say!!

Oh, well, I am sure you are as pretty as ever and I'm glad nobody shaved off your curls!