Monday, August 13, 2007

Another Blogging Siesta

Okay Shelly's picture turned out better of Emmy, me, and Shelly. Emmy is a fellow blogger that we met at the conference! Also, I look fat here because I was taking a steroid pack for my foot...just an FYI incase you were wondering. LOL!! *** I am kidding about my comment...just a little swollen from the meds.


Profbaugh said...

Hey Jenny,

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog yesterday. You really helped minister to me on a day I was very vunerable and raw. I'm so amazed at how God can use cyberspace to erase the miles and reach out to us!! Thanks for letting Him do that through you.

Nope I wasn't in Atlanta (I wish)!! I am, however, loving your pix and stories. Guess I'm getting to live the conference a little bit though you.

Thanks again. Love ya my Siesta!


Heather said...

Hope you had fun! My mom was there and loved it!

Lindsee said...

Girl, you do NOT look fat in this picture. Good night! You look just precious. Remember your last post?!??!! J/K...but a simple reminder that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

And to answer your question, I have gone to Cypress Bible Church my whole life. When I am home from school I do tend to go to FB simply because it has a better class for people my age. And, I have gone a bit this summer. But, I go more so during the school year!

I love it. And of course, when I'm home I go to bible study Tuesday nights. It's just amazing! Never been to an LPL event, but been to plenty of bible study's!

Anyway, longest message ever. So I'll leave you alone. But, hope you have a great Monday!


Emmy : ) said...

Hi Jenny!
You are so funny! I am the one who looks fat! The old lady with the cute young uns' : ) I was so thankful that I got to meet you! That made my day! Both of your blogs have always ministered to me! Both of you are so beautiful...on the outside and the inside! I got to bring my 14 year old (almost) daughter with me to Atlanta...and I pray that she will have a strong faith like that at such a young wasn't until my early 30's that fell to my knees!
My friends blog I was telling you about that is so awesome is lotsofscotts...I guess at you can google it...Wendy who you met at the conference her new blog is
I really don't have a blog just a few pictures of my kids...but I love to write back and forth to people...I am just learning how to do this! Hope you had a good trip home! God Bless! Emmy : )

wendymom said...

It was so cool to meet you all at the conference. I can't believe you go to Hunter Street and know Amy T. I guess the world calls it networking, but I call it the Family of God. It is crazy how we all seem to know someone else in His family!! Did you guys just not love the conference? It was so awesome. I could just sit under her teaching every day. I was all prayed up until I went out in that heat and couldn't find a taxi. Whew!! Thank you for summer in the South. My new blog is It is so new and I have no idea what I am doing, but excited to learn on the journey.
see ya,

connorcolesmom said...

That conference looks so fun !!
I know I keep saying it b/c I so wish I had been there :)
I am counting down to Deeper STill !
Love ya,