Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I am hoping to go to sleep soon...but I just have to share about my fun filled night! I went to eat at O'Charley's (Rod's parents called and wanted to take us to dinner) where I am a fan of the big fat yeast roll. Man can not live on bread alone...but I think women can live on yeast rolls. Just kidding! Anyway, then I had to crutch out to Trussville and dig through the trash from the weekend. My parents have a lot of stairs so I had to crawl up them because of my foot. I am not being dramatic is just getting worse. I felt Morgans pain back in the days where she crawled...that takes a lot of work! Do not worry I took gloves to go through the trash! I had to find a deposit receipt that I threw prove that I made a deposit and not a withdrawal. The yeast rolls more than made up for the search through the trash. I am in P-A-I-N right now is why I am not asleep yet. My foot is killing me. I am so nervous that I won't get to go to Atlanta this weekend to see my BFF in the faith! Beth Moore!!!!


Angela baylis said...

I hope by now you are feeling better! I KNOW you will be feeling better so you can go see MY BFF in faith... Beth Moore!!!!!!!! (I will pray for you!)

Just by reading your... "about me"... I can tell I like you! You are on fire and so passionate about Jesus Christ! I know that is contagious! :)

Have a great time this weekend! I will be thinking about you!

p.s. I hope you found the receipt!

lorisue said...

So sad about your foot...miss our BFF can't be...that has to be some PAIN. Are you going to Deeper Still? If so Beth in Aug. and then again in Sept. somebody must really love you :)

mandy said...

yeast rolls = YUMMY!!!!!
stay off that sprain today.

Faith said...

So sorry to hear you are in pain, dear one; I pray you recover quickly and that He gives you grace to endure and overcome. I hope everything works out for you to see our dear sister Beth!

Shelly said...

Oh girl...I hope the Great Physicians heals it soon!

And yet another confession moment of why you and I are already bff's from the womb: O'Charley's yeast rolls. I thought it was just me! Girl - you don't even know. I'm not ashamed to ask for another basket of them!

Susan said...

Yow! I 'sprained' my ankle on vacation two summers ago and I have never been in such pain. It turned out to be okay, though...we were in the Florida Keys and I had to just lay around on the beach or at the pool...what a shame! NOT!

Hope you are better today. No way, no how can you give up seeing Beth Moore! Take those Motrin and get thee to the event!


connorcolesmom said...

Did they do X-rays?
You might have a hairline fracture. They are hard to spot and the treatment would mean a cast.
Go check that foot out b/f Friday so you can get to feeling better. I will keep you in my prayers :)

Heather said...

How's your foot? I'm on vacation and just now catching up with all your posts. Hope it's better. look for my mom at the conference :)