Friday, August 31, 2007

Top Reasons as to why I need a mental vacation

1. I almost put my perfume stick on my lips today instead of my lip gloss.
2. I just got home from work where I met the worlds most important woman (or so she thought). She comes in the store and interrupts us while we are helping other customers because she needed to find a navy camisole. Her husband literally slept in the chair as she came in and acted like we were her slaves. If you want to do some foot washing you need to try retail. This lady was cracking me up...not only did she have some bad taste she came in and tried to drop it like it was hot with some compulsive shopping. I could not help but crack up as she strutted around the store to let everyone know how impor-tant she was! I also felt sorry for her that she has let life and money go to her head.
3. I locked my keys in my car tonight...and could not get Rod on the phone so my co-worker and her husband had to bring me home (during a no small downpour).
4. Then I waited in the drive thru for 20 maybe 30 minutes...I mean this was Taco Bell...and I really think that dude in front of me was trying to order everything they had. So I left and went to Arby's.
5. I pulled into the house tonight after driving back to the mall and ran over all of the bags of grass that Rod had bagged today...oops!
6. Morgan has learned how to get in closets now and I came home to the upstairs hallway sprayed with comet!
7. I just learned that I left out 2lbs of sausage (all day...which is now ruined) that I was thawing out for Rods sausage balls. Oh Well!

I have to add this I am so used to my own style of music which consists mainly of CeCe, Watermark, Jennifer Knapp, Shane and Shane, Nicole Nordeman, and I could go on. I swear I think I heard all of the songs from Phantom of the Opera tonight and it was ENOUGH! I am out of touch so I think it was Madonna singing it...not sure. Also, I got to hear maneater! Whoa O Here she out boy she'll chew you up will be replaying over and over in my head tonight.

All of this is to say...I would not have made it today without the Holy Spirits help. Seriously!


mandy said...

oh girl!!!
the only thing that can fix all this is a LONG HOT bubble bath.....

twinkle said...

Ok, just had this huge visual of Jesus in retail. He stands behind the counter and we all come to Him with all our needs. How does He do it? None of us are of the really mature type that I think He longs for us to be.

Can you picture the ones who come to Him with wringing fear and anxiety?

And how about the ones who want to tell Him what to your customer, Jenny.

I have a sister who works retail and it is tough! You should get paid a mint for all you have to do and put up with. Have a bubble bath and listen to some calming songs by CeCe. I feel your pain.

Our Family of Five said...

It does sound like a rough day. I think I would have lost it about the time I ran over the bags of grass. :)