Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A Picture Story of My Week (in no particular order)

Here is Rod...Morgan had been walking Rod all night long. It was so funny because he is not used to being out with her in public places...she is wild. He had to break out the back-pack with a handle. We refuse to call it a leash.

Getting her hair cute. This was our first attempt to roll her hair. Glad those rollers were from the dollar tree.


Here is the bride...she was in a bad mood but I managed to get a snap. Rod says that most brides are in a bad mood before the wedding.

Stephanie, me, and Caylyn (the new brother in law's sista)

me and holly my twin in the car on the way home from the rehearsal dinner. I was taking photos to irritate her with the flash. She was not happy with that...sisterly love.

Inky, I mean Morgan. This is when she drew all over her bedroom but managed not to get the ink on the outfit! Thank you Magic worked wonders. I came home from the wedding Sat and Morgan drew all over the door and closet and herself (on Rod's watch). I managed to get it all out. This was her second pen episode.

Steph and I

Me and my dad

My nightly ritual. Rod was on the phone with me while he was at Walmart and I asked him to get me a bag of skittles. Did you know that skittles are not Kosher by the way??!?!? Jesus would not have eaten them...or would He?!? Back to my story...Rod was like what in the world? You had like 3 bags...that is why you have health problems Jenny. I informed him that I only eat two I go through a bag fast! So this is me sorting them out. I throw the inedible colors out! I was trying to match up the reds and purples.


The wild child and her cuz

GO TIGERS. Morgan is getting ready for some football with her dad. I have to work the day of the first If you knew me well you would know how sarcastic I am being. I will make sausage balls for Rod to show my support.

Morgan and her cousin Bre...she was giving Him the praise to "King of Kings" by CeCe. The kid has soul!

Her shirt says "When God created me He was just showing off" I have to agree with that! Look at those hills!

My twin sista Holly, Steph, and I!

These boots were made for....trying to walk?!?!

Or maybe sit?

Bre at the rehearsal dinner...chowing down. We were hungry!


Fill my cup Lord...Morgan is already a "hands on" girl...she made me pour her like 15 tea cups of water. It got annoying...but it made me think of how our Lord wants us to come and hold out our cups. He longs to fill them. He doesn't grow weary or tired either of us coming!


PS I SERIOUSLY FORGOT MY CAMERA the day of the I have no pictures of my $200 dollar dress!


Suzanne B said...

Cute Pictures!!

I also agree with you on the skittles - only the red & purple will do. Someone else will have to deal with the other colors.

See you tonight!!

Gretch-A-Sketch said...

Ohhh great pics and such a beautiful family =)

Tam said...

Red and Purple - all the way! We should call them "rerples"...or not...

Love the pics - I bet Morgan keeps you laughing a lot! She is so cute!

Heather said...

Great pics. I can't believe you didn't get any from the wedding. I'm sure someone else did though!

connorcolesmom said...

I love the pictures!!
You crack me up!!
I will have to rent ultimate gift this weekend!!
I can't wait to watch it!
Much love,

Shelly said...

I cannot believe you and the skittle ritual. Girl - send this 'inedible' ones on to me! lol