Thursday, August 2, 2007


I had to link to this from Mandy (Just a girl's) blog. Also, she has a great workout video on her page LOL. I am sure the guy is is just funny. So...I decided to make my own praise dance video. I will be posting it soon! LOL!!
Also, I picked up the glamourshots today! What a stinking rip off!! I told the guy quickly not to try to sale me anything. He went on and on. I did say that they lied to me about the price. He didn't seem to care. Then he told me that he would sale me all of the pictures for $400! BIG FAT WHATEVER! No thanks dude I will get my one sheet that I paid $20.90 for (I could have done it myself) and that I would continue to go to JC Penney where they give me like 30 sheets for $50. Crazy!


Heather said...

oH girl! I still think that is one of the greatest stories ever! I will always have a smirk on my face when I walk down aisle 1 in my grocery store! hehehe

Heather said...

PS ... not sure if you guys have a portrait innovation aroud you but they completley ROCK! I've done so many of the boys pictures with them. If you do have one next time you need some pics check them out!

Shelly said... can't not at least let us see this things!!!