Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nice Award!!

Oh my...I forgot to let you guys know that I was the recipient of a Nice Award! It was like a night at the grammies for me!! Faith awarded me this! Yeah!! This is my very first blog award and I am going to pass this award on to four people who have been encouraging me for a while now. I would name all of you but I think I am to only pick three.
Shelly because she saved me a seat on the front row at Beth. She is really nice!!
Kim because she drove from Georgia to meet two of her friends and bring them to my bible study. She also bought me a praise cd. She is the real deal people!
Tam and her man Brent they are just plain encouraging!!
And Alissa she is just an encourager...she sent me the sweetest message about my firstborn!!! She is a real live friend that I go to church with!!
Share the Love people!!


Alissa said...

You are so sweet and you made my night! Thank you for sharing with all us the Nice Award! You are truly an inspiration to me and you pouring out your heart as blessed me in more ways than I could ever share. You are a shining example of what it means to be a woman of God! Thank you for your inspiration!

Tam said...

you rock my world jenny hope! i know i've said it before but i just admire you so very much. you've grown to occupy a place in my heart girl!

thanks for awarding us! mark twain said he could go for 2 months on one compliment. i agree!

much love to you!

Faith said...

:D You definitely deserved this award, girl!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

Aww, congrats miss jenny:)

connorcolesmom said...

I truly appreciate this nice award -yeah.
I must say you are pretty nice yourself my friend. I love your honest, kinds and compassionate heart. You have such a passion for Jesus and want everyone to love Him like you do. It is so refreshing and encouraging!!
I love you my sweet siesta,

mandy said...


inWorship said...

Thanks Jenny, I am honored...really!

It' an encouragement to me to know that I have a support to you in some way.

Keep on blogging and I'll keep reading. Tam and I got your back :)