Sunday, August 5, 2007

Don't try this at home!

With the trampoline extravaganza this weekend and my home workout video...I think I have earned me a stress fracture on my left foot. I was teaching Sunday School in the married class and I left limping. Anyway, I am going to rest it and then head to the Dr. if it isn't better. The shower was great except for the kisses I kept getting from all the long lost relatives. The food that I made was plenty and I think one of the funniest things was when my sweet little brother asked me what the sausage balls were. He had never had one...
If it weren't for Rod I could have never pulled the whole thing off. I headed to church this morning and he had to miss so he could transport all of the food without it melting. I labeled everything with sticky notes and he brought it and met me. He did not forget anything!! PTL! Did I mention what I dork I was this morning? I had to drive his truck to church...I knew he was going to suggest that I did so before I left so he could use my car for the room. No, I told him....I can't even park that thing. It is a Silverado truck with a V8 engine. I like the speed but not the loftiness of that automobile. I took up two parking spots with my depth perception skills. I really tried and I thought I got it in there but no. I was pondering this when I got behind a Sunday Cadillac (older couple) driving: Why wait till you are old to get that kind of machine and then use it to drive 10MPH?? Kind of like us not tapping into the power that Christ gave us through the cross. Why drive 10MPH when you can drive it like you stole it? LOL!!! I told my grandmother before she left the party: "Drive it like it's hot!" She is not a slow driver but she wasn't sure what I I clarified by telling her drive it like you stole it (She has a caddy)! She will is the funny thing (lead footed grandmother)!


Alissa said...


I love reading your blogs and your life seems to be so filled with fun and excitement! I know that you face many challenges but I appreciate your positive attitude!

Shelly said...

Girl! I would've given anything to see your little self driving that big truck! lol

And PTL for Rod's help. I'm so glad you got it all done. And hope the foot gets better :(