Friday, June 22, 2007


Forget the last stinking post about my donuts! I went downstairs to dig in to my sweet cream filled delight and you guessed it King of the Couch (is what I am calling him at the moment) ate it! I mean I got four donuts...he is trying to blame Morgan for 2 of them now! What a day ;). I may just hop in the car, throw open my sunroof and head back to KK they are open 24/7!


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I got to your blog from Beth Moore's blog. I saw that you lived in Pelham, AL and I live in Alabster! My husband is the Student Pastor at Westwood. I noticed that on your blog that your church was going to do wising up when you finished Daniel. I just finished Daniel in May and it is WONDERFUL. One of my favorite verses is in Daniel 9 when it says he is righteous in every thing that he does. Thank you Jesus that I never once have to doubt your ways or your motives. Could you let me know when ya'll start "Wising Up" if women outside of your church can be a part of the study I would love to do it.

I don't have a blog so you can email me at We leave for camp with our students Monday morning at 5:30 and will be gone until Friday but after that I will have access to email again!

Morgan looks SO CUTE. I have a 9 month old...maybe we can go to Krispy Kream and have donuts there together one day so no one like our husbands or our sweet girls can steal them!

Lori McKenzie

jennyhope said...


I sent you an email so I hope you got it! I really needed this word that you put on here tonight!! :) I can't wait to get my hands on "Wising Up" I had them order it for me and I am so in need of it myself. I really can't wait to start. Have so much fun at Camp!!!! love jenny