Friday, June 15, 2007

A word from Shelly

This word was such a blessing to me tonight. My head was hurting from this spinal headache so I read a few Psalms and decided to hit the bed. I layed there listening to all of the different octaves Rod could reach while he was snoring. Seriously, maybe he is making a joyful noise in his sleep or something. I take that. I knew the Lord was calling me to come spend a little more time with Him...
Then I read Shelly's post, she is one of my blogging friends. I wanted you to be blessed if you have the time to read this.

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Shelly said...

Thank you sweet friend. I have not forgotten you in my prayers. (And trust me, if I have, know that your God is a God who hears your cries!). I cannot imagine the stress, drudgery, and frustration of where He has you for now, but I know the fruit of patience, perseverance, and your future ability to grab hold of another sister with a similar (or terminal) illness will be evident. It is not in vain sweet one.