Friday, June 22, 2007

"I Pity the Fool!!" --Mr. T

(yes it's me speaking in third person once again)

Several of my friends are about to get a real good laugh out of this post. Okay, I went to gas up earlier on the way to the Dollar Tree, I have a big weekend ahead of me lined up with a visit to Trussville tomorrow, then Argo, then Samford for a wedding, followed by my sweeties party on Sunday. Even funnier real quick the dollar store by my house (due to crude oil prices) charges oh whatever they feel I have to go to the Hoover is the real dollar store. So, I am getting gas and I go to step over the hose (keep in mind I am wearing a dress) and depth perception girl thinks she is making the step only to trip and fall. Oh I know you wish you could have been there. I have no shame people so I really don't care. I fell down the stairs the day before...I was so sleepy (I have to stay up late to study and I am almost done PTL! Jenny will soon be entering the MT world after MUCH hard work) and I went to get Morgan's morning milk and stumbled down the first flight of stairs in my house. REAL FUNNY! YEAH DEPTH PERCEPTION GIRL! I have even been known to wreck my car in the garage and I ran into the wall at Chic-Fil-A). When I start parking vertical in a horizontal parking space I know it is time to update the prescription on my eyes.

Next, it is Friday night and I just got home from CompUSA where I have been bye like TEN times this week...I AM NOT KIDDING! HOW STINKING HARD IS IT TO ORDER A KEYBOARD for my laptop??? Thank you spinal meningitis I am now back in a size zero and I am getting hit on constantly (oh and trust me I am not has truly not been flattering). I go most everywhere by myself so I am giving people the benefit of the doubt that they just think I am wearing my rings for fun. I got another proposition as I went to get a smoothie and then oh let's not forget about the guys at WalMart and Jim N Nicks...the guy there even did a dance for me in the drive thru!!! It is total madness! Oh and let me talk about the overly flirtatious guy at CompUsa. No offense...but he needs to seriously invest in some tweezers. Is this ugly? I am like dude...Jesus loves you, but your nose hairs and eyebrow hairs need some major plucking...they are really scaring me! I really need to stop frequenting these places. Do I have a sign on my head or something???

*edited to add:
PS...speaking of breaks... Morgan woke up with a fever this morning. I sleep in the daybed in her room usually since I can't handle Rod's wonderful ranges of snoring (it gives me literal anxiety) and she climbed in bed with me and I noticed she was burning up! I just made another run to WalMart and Krispy Kreme (one cream filled for me and a plain glazed for the sidekick!) for some tylenol and ibuprofen and took my temp 100 degrees! WHOO HOO!! Let the fun begin. We may have to cancel the party...I sure hope not! If one more person asks me why I am sick all of the time...I will scream :). Oh and in the words of my uncle Rico what is the "dealio"? Just tell me one thing people: Do I make you laugh? I make myself laugh so I guess that is what matters!!

Proverbs 16:9

love jenny

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