Tuesday, June 26, 2007


This story was a prayer request tonight at Bible study. I am so sad for this family. My friend Amanda Leach used to work with the mother. Please pray for the family. Bible study was so good tonight (I will share later). I just took some night time cold medicine so I think I am going to read and go to sleep if morgan cooperates. For those of you that were so in like with my dress tonight...(I love my Bible study sisters!!) I got it at Old Navy for I think $10. Let me see if I can link to it. If I ever want a cute compliment I will not get it from Rod so the Lord put my girlies in my life...thank you sweet sisters! We will all wear our dress on the same day (lets not covet or anything)!! It is so funny because I will sometimes come down stairs and clear my throat..."What's that Jesus?" I will say. "Oh? I look pretty? Thanks Jesus." I then crack up. Tonight, I said hey do you think I look okay and he said yes actually you do. It is so funny because he says "actually." He doesn't mean to people.

Quick little survey for those of you who have time....Rod tells me that all guys are the same. Is this really true? I dated a lot of people and really got to know some of them. In my estimation they are not all the here are my questions:

Toots...that is what I call them. Are they always such a big deal? To me (which I do not pass gas) that is a private matter. My daddy NEVER passed gas in front of me EVER!
Picking of the nose? Can the man in your life pick his nose for hours on end?
Pulling nose hairs out? Do you know guys who do this?
Sports and Hobbies for hours on end???

Okay this is just for fun....

on a totally different note. there has been some question as to whether or not i bleach my teeth. the answer is NO! First, I can't afford it. Second, I have very sensitive teeth, and third I use colgate. I do not drink caffeine at all only water for the pearly whites.


connorcolesmom said...

Oh that is a terrible story about the 7 month old. I think all parties need to be prayed for b/c the man had 2 previous DUI charges - he has s problem.

Also I love the dress!! I bet you looked very pretty!! I had to quickly log off Old Navy b/f I started shopping and buying like crazy - they had some good deals!!

Ok now to the man survey
Well lets just say that my dad and brother are more like your Rod but my husband is a complete gentleman - seriously!!

When I had gas after having Connor (I had some kind of reaction to the medicine) I about died when I had to let it out (b/c we had not done that in front of one another before) and it was not the SBD kind it was loud and proud- I know too much info - hehe! We still are very good about respecting one another when it comes to that kind of stuff.

Anyway, my husband does like sports though and would watch soccer or football all day.

God definitely made the males and the females different!!
I am so glad Bible Study went well

By the way pray for Brynn - she and Kevin are having a hard time...
Love ya

pinkmommy said...

Cute dress! I might have to buy it!

Love the birthday party pics!

Ok, now to the survey...

Passing gas is a problem my hubby has. He most often does it in bed...lovely. I am like you...if it's gotta be done, go somewhere private for goodness sake!

My hubby does not pick his nose. I guess his mamma got through to him in that respect. He thinks it is disgusting.

He does pull his hairs out (nose and ears)...I know, lovely.

He is absolutely obsessed with outdoor sports. He is a huge hunter and fisherman. I don't mind him having hobbies, but sometimes I do get aggravated when he spends way more time at the lake or in the woods than he does with us.

I knew he was in over his head where hunting is concerned when he put a deer feeder in our backyard.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, that is a horrible story. Can you tell I don't watch the news much?

I love the dress. I'm too mushy to wear it but that's another story.

No, all guys are not the same. I'm the gas passing (pregnancy to blame), nose picker & my husband is totally appalled by it! Weird, huh?