Saturday, June 23, 2007

The First Year

Here are some pictures of my girl from her first year of life. I am going to post the second year when I have time. I almost didn't make it without crying this morning over how thankful I am for this girl. In the midst of some REALLY hard times, she has made my life really sweet.

My punkin

baby's daddy at church

sweet thang' in her punkin' seat

Go Tigers! Her Momma is a Georgia Bulldogs fan but I will let it ride.

feeding time back in the bottle days. Paying a visit to my sister in North Al

Just Chillin

My little cuteness!

and again...

she has her dad wrapped around her finger (I am glad someone does)

She looks just like Rod

Her in her bunny chair

O.K. this really is Rod cloned here. Isn't he cute with a bunny towel?

Fresh out of the oven: 5 lbs 10 oz and 5 weeks early!

Here she is with our favorite doctor!


Anonymous said...

Hey's Lori again. Dr. Addock was my doctor too! Don't you just love him?? He was not on call when I went into labor...I missed him by like 5 he took care of us the 9 months and 1 week before. My little one decided that she liked it way to much in mommy's tummy where it seems like your little one was ready to get out and take over the world!

I enjoyed the pictures,

Andreea said...

Sweet pictures!