Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Second Unapproved Haircut

I woke up this morning and did my usual. I read, and then I went downstairs to take my vitamins. I am really trying to boost the immune system and kick the vitamin-C up a notch. I also purchased some Day-Quil for this lingering head cold yesterday. I politely asked Rod to open the blister pack for me so I could try to ease my sore throat. Then here we go!!!! "How much was this?" he asked. Oh no you don't...I thought. He was about to try to make a point that we have enough medicine in our medicine cabinet (which I cleaned out two days ago). "I bet you I can find this already in the cabinet," he said. Whatever, I thought to myself. I have never met a man like this one...I really want to stay in the Spirit today and I come back downstairs and hear him rattling through the cabinet...he was going to do him some cleaning (that is a first...I promise). Then my emotions begin to stir within me. I am about to get angry. There is some allergy medicine in the cabinet (several boxes) that I have saved that I took but they made my heart race (I have MVP and a heart murmur) so I have been saving them just in case he may need them. What is this he asks, and this, and this? Oh my goodness can I get in the car and drive to the beach I am thinking. Also, if you know me you will know that I feel the inside of the house is my domain, and I do take care of things and when Rod begins to go behind me and complain or try to reorganize I become completely offended. That may be a pride issue but it is the way it is. I went upstairs to get my bathing suit so I could take Morgan outside and clean out her pool and fill it up. I walk in the living room and make eye contact with Rod. He shoots me an ugly (I just got caught) look. People...HE HAD KITCHEN SHEERS....KITCHEN SHEERS...cutting my child's hair. I do not like bangs and I have been growing hers out. I am her mother...therefore I feel like I should make the hairdo decisions as well. He butchered my child's hair and made her some bangs. It looks terrible and there is nothing I can do at this point. Happy Saturday! What in the world goes through his mind...I mean...oh her bangs are in her face...let me go get some kitchen sheers and take care of that real quick. You know the scissors I am talking about...the kind you cut meat with and etc. Maybe she won't get salmonella from her new do.
This brings me to another point. He has plenty of things that need to be fixed around the house...cedar boards falling off, a dead bird that is stuck out of a hole that a woodpecker pecked in the side of our house, replacing light switches, putting trim up in the kitchen that has been down for 3 years, fixing our gate in the backyard, finishing putting up insulation downstairs... these are things that I can't do...and he wants to focus on my jobs. That is just like us...we focus on what others need to be doing and we forget to take care of our own stuff. That is the way the enemy has gotten me so many times. I will focus on where someone else needs to be with the Lord or what they are or aren't doing for the kingdom and I forget to deal with my own sin...then I am almost in a pit before I ever knew it.


connorcolesmom said...

I know the feeling of my husband messing in my domain. Although after 8 yrs of marriage he has stopped questioning me about things - for the most part :)

As far as the hair goes it could have been worse (although still extremely frustrating).
2 summers ago my oldest took scissors and scalped my youngest in 5 places. I had to shave Cole's head and as a punishment I also shaved Connor's head.
The joys of life...
God bless sweet sister

Aunt Leslie said...

What is hard to swallow, is that most of the time, when you take the time to think about it, our husbands might be right--we just find it hard to admit.