Thursday, June 28, 2007

She can't be trusted

You have heard it called the terrible two's. Could it really be? I mean we are only in to day two of the two's. The crib is back and then I look over and see the child's diaper on the floor. Oh no! I thought this was going to be a good nights sleep. I just changed those sheets...not again!!! Here goes nothing little booger. Yep she did it!!! Tee tee everywhere, jammies are wet, and I know this is her plan for freedom. She thinks she will get to bust out of the crib. She couldn't be more wrong. I put pants on her this time we will see if she gets those off. Hopefully this will be the end of her plots for the day. Oh the joys. Did I mention she ripped her scripture painting off of the wall to...(ripped the nail hole down the wall...she is quick)? She's a wild one (these are the reasons that I don't leave her unattended)! She takes after her mother all the way! We are about to watch Curious George for the fifth time!!


Anonymous said...

I got me a live wire, too. And we haven't even hit two yet.

Do they make boarding schools for 2 year olds??

Stephanie said...

LOL< I had to laugh, Ethan my 2 1/2 year old loves Curious George too, but we have to limit his watching because he saw George us 2 cars as roller skates...well you guessed it, he decided to do it as well. I guess the old adage "monkey see monkey do" is right on the money in our house!