Friday, June 1, 2007

Be still my heart

This is my life it is 3am and I am up blogging. I just went outside and stared at the bright night sky. Today is Rods birthday and yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of his accident. So many of my brothers and sisters know it well...I got the horrible news that Rod was hurt and the paramedics and firemen were getting him out of the woods. It would be the woods!! Panicked, I had a precious friend see me to the ER where we would get the news as to whether or not Rod was paralyzed. Praise Be to the Blessed Controller of all things he was not. Within minutes of arriving at UAB there were well over a hundred of my brothers and sisters in Christ in the waiting room at the hospital. So many people came they had to call crowd control and people began to wonder if someone famous was at the hospital! I wasn't in the right frame of mind then...but oh yes someone FAMOUS was in the house! The Body of Christ and the Holy Spirit. There is nothing like it in times of peril! They rallied around us in prayer and the doctors said they were absolutely AMAZED that he was not paralyzed. PRAISE YOU LORD!

Anyway, (my power is about to die on my laptop) that was an interesting time!

Two years ago today I was in the hospital on bed rest awaiting the arrival of my second child...sweet Morgan. She held off until the 24th! Oh the insanity...I was a brute beast before the Lord due to some major hormones and confinement.

I am back now after a long day it is Fri afternoon. We are about to head over to a friends house for some dinner and celebration and some good ole butter cream cake. Sarah and Abe had quite an age difference but now I am really starting to see the difference 12 years makes. He is twelve years my senior. I was in kindergarten when he graduated high school! I still think that I am the most mature one out of the two :). He did more partying than me back in the day but I definitely have the life experience thing on him. As far as fixing stuff, Rod is extremely smart. He is downstairs as we speak reloading bullets. He knows all kinds of what I call useless info. And if you need help just give the guy a call. That all seems pretty boring if you ask me: ballistics, hunting stuff, Auburn football (ask him ANYTHING...I mean ANYTHING...he knows it when it comes to that)...

I was never one for womens lib..I mean dude you mow the grass and I will tend to the house. ha ha!

All of this is to say that last night I was at WalMart and the moon was in rare form. It stole my breath away and some beats from my heart. The Lord did not waste this masterpiece on me or my sidekick. We stood in the WalMart parking lot gazing and I extolled the Lords goodness to Him and her to show her momma that moon. It was sort of orange and I tried to take a picture of it but people kept walking bye staring at the crazy lady and her kid. I called Rod and told him to get outside and check it out!! This was a 911 God is AWESOME moment...and do you know what he said? Babe don't you know that is what you call a red moon...its been around for years you must have not been paying attention as a kid. Well EXCUSE me! He still couldn't steal our wonder and marvel at my God. AND FOR CRYING OUT LOUD I have seen it look like that before. I am getting to my point...I keep getting all of these false alarms and when I saw it I thought Oh Lord You are about to draw back the curtain in the sky and come to meet us in the air. I might have to bow down in this WalMart parking lot. For those of you who have not been reading with me for a while go back to this story to better understand me.

Revelation 8:12
Then the fourth angel blew [his] trumpet, and a third of the sun was smitten, and a third of the moon, and a third of the stars, so that [the light of] a third of them was darkened, and a third of the daylight [itself] was withdrawn, and likewise a third [of the light] of the night was kept from shining.

Who are we really that He is mindful of us? Look up people...Look up at His power and glory shown so bright in the heavens:

Psalm 8:2-4
From the lips of children and infants
you have ordained praise [a]
because of your enemies,
to silence the foe and the avenger.

3 When I consider your heavens,
the work of your fingers,
the moon and the stars,
which you have set in place,

4 what is man that you are mindful of him,
the son of man that you care for him?

I gotta run before I get in trouble. PS...please pray for us. We need a break from the doctor for a while. Morgan has 3 more upcoming appointments and we just left their earlier...right before the gas spill at sams on 150 that was really fun.

Joshua 10:12-14

12Then Joshua spoke to the Lord on the day when the Lord gave the Amorites over to the Israelites, and he said in the sight of Israel, Sun, be silent and stand still at Gibeon, and you, moon, in the Valley of Ajalon!

13And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the nation took vengeance upon their enemies. Is not this written in the Book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of the heavens and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day.

14There was no day like it before or since, when the Lord heeded the voice of a man. For the Lord fought for Israel.


SnappyCasualGifts said...

I'm glad to know I'm not the only one at crazy hours playing on the internet or that their husbands tells things like that. Mine acts like sometimes I don't have a clue. I just started reading, so I don't know what is going on with your daughter, but I will pray for your family.

connorcolesmom said...

Thank you for checking on me.
I am the VBS Director of registration and this week has been full of getting the forms correct and copied and the online registration form up and running.
Plus I am the Women's Ministry Coordinator at church and the Lifeway representative just dropped by a bunch of new studies and materials at the church so I had to go through all of that. I have missed blogging and "chatting" with you. I enjoyed reading your latest post. You crack me up. I often look to the sky and say "come sweet Jesus" but nothing like you and the tail lights and the moon -too funny!!
I know that Brynn and Julie are still planning to attend on Tuesday. They both have their books and are ready to go. I am excited to hear how God works through all the women.
I have my study starting in August. I am excited but satan got to me in a dream last night taunting me about my fear of public speaking. I had to sit up and claim scripture telling him to get behind me at 1:30am.
God bless sweet friend!
Always praying for you!