Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Should I keep this to myself?*


It is almost 1am and I was settling in to go to bed. My fellow blogging siesta connorcolesmom had given me the BrookHills cd "Awaken" and I was spending some good time listening to it in the living room. I got home kind of late from Bible study and surveyed the house: not to many dishes in the sink, the toys aren't that scattered, now let me check on Morgan. She was in her bed watching a show. As I surveyed her I noticed that she had oh about 10 bandaids on her. I asked Rod why in the world she had all of those bandages. He said she wanted them since she saw him put some on my elbows today. As I went to turn the cd player off and go to sleep (please notice I am still up) I stepped in something. What in the world? Maybe this is a fudge round, cookie, maybe a brownie. TO MY ABSOLUTE HORROR IT WAS POOP! Yes, human dung on my foot and fingers. I ran upstairs screaming bloody murder! Rod jumps out of bed in a stuper...What is wrong with Morgan he screams??? I was screaming, gagging, and proceeding to clean and disinfect myself. When he realizes that nothing is wrong with Morgan he says please keep it down so I can sleep! KEEP IT DOWN!!!! WHAT IN THE WORLD? If it were him there would be no keeping it down. How did poop get on the floor I asked. He said he really wasn't sure, he changed her twice. He then told me how it may not be poop and that I should just go to bed. I AM HORRIFIED...seriously! The other night it was a live roach (roaches are from the devil) that I had to beat to death with a broom and spray with clorox (our friend and bug guy came today to spray again after I left a BOLD PRINTED 3 PAGE note written in sharpie about my roach experienc. That sent me over the edge). NOW dung! Please don't come to my house! I am going to take some Phenegren for nausea ( I AM NOT KIDDING). good night!


Kate said...

haa haa haa haa haa

hee hee hee hee hee


Bad for you...soo funny for me. :)

Maybe the roach dropped the bomb. :D

Loved the family pics.

Many blessings to ya,

connorcolesmom said...

Yuck - You had to find it with your foot. Was it still warm? - LOL
I love that you were listening to the CDs
Do you like them? My favorite is disc 2 song 2 - my boys and I just sing that praise to the top of our voices (of course I have to remind them the difference between singing and screaming - fine line)Much love siesta,