Thursday, June 21, 2007

Morgan has broken free!!!

I know what you are thinking: Why on earth does a two year old need to break free? What could she possibly need to break free from? Well, if Morgan could talk she would tell you that she needed to break free of some bars. She was tired of carrying those chains. The baby bed is gone...I cried as we took it down tonight. Her deliverer (Rod) took the shackles away tonight and she thinks she was born to stay up and play with her toys. It is for freedom that her daddy set her free and she will not be burdened again in the confinement of a crib! That is her version of Galatians 5:1. She knew she wasn't free before. I will be posting pictures soon of all of the things she has torn apart in her new found freedom. We have has no small eruption of toys in the room and I hope this will be no indication of her organizational skills. It is not jiving with me already. It is 11pm and yes my child is getting her praise groove on to her lullaby joke. Angels are watching over her tonight is the current song she is dancing to. I think she will need Jesus to watch over her with this kind of freedom :) offense to the angels but I have one little monkey for those of you who know her personally. Every time I pick her up at mothers day out, the nursery, or the gym I hear "She sure is curious!" As if I didn't know.

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