Monday, June 25, 2007


Morgan is good. We had her blood count checked and she has something viral. I just got a little scared that she could have had "the meningitis". Anyway, don't speed in Hoover today. There were seriously four people pulled over on my way home from the doctor. I was doing like 80 earlier so I am glad I didn't get a ticket. I do have a heavy foot and can get to singing and forget about the speed....ooops!
I am now craving J. Alexanders if you have never been there I am sorry. I may have to call one of my single girls later and see if they want to go. I think I am headed for a nap so I may just dream about a chicken sandwich and fries, Morgan is napping and I am out of my atenolol so I think it is going to be another long night-o-la! Paul Finebaum is about to bore me to death! Go Dawgs!! :)


Alissa said...

Hey Jenny,
How is Morgan? I am praying for both of you! I am so thankful that you are getting better and I am sure it feels great to feel more human. :) As for Morgan, the frozen popsicles work wonders. I hope she is feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

Glad Morgan's illness is just's so scary when they're sick, isn't it?

BTW, great shot of the kicks. I love me some flops, too! I hardly wear anything else during the summer!

Little Steps Of Faith said...

I hope your girl feels better.

I love the LPM blog, it makes everyone be so real, and we are!

Thanks for your lovely comments, I can't tell ya how much friendship means to me at this season in my life!

Be Blessed:-)