Saturday, June 30, 2007


I think I just made up a new word (kind of copying Mary Poppins...I hope it is nothing bad in another language)!! Jenny needs to get a life-o-la tonight. This is like my 3rd post today...but I just really need to brag on my King for a minute!
I have not been on a vacation in several years now since most of my vacations have included NUMEROUS trips to the hospital and lots and lots of co-pays and ambulance bills. People ask me all of the time why we have been so sick and I am like well I guess we just love being sick...what a silly question.

I needed a minute (a few seconds ago) so I stepped outside and looked up at the night sky. I just felt close to Jesus in that moment. Anyway, I have really been in need of a break and I began to pray specifically about that, and I asked God that just out of His pure grace could He please provide a way for me to get away. I walked down the driveway and opened the mailbox and the provisions were there for me to be able to take a vacation! I don't know why He does me like He does...but I do know that He knows how much I need to get away with Him.


AuburnGalAlways said...

Jumping over to say hi after your comment about the Library.

You're so right about Jesus. He is sooo good. And think about how far in advance of your prayer He started the provisions for your vacation. Cool, huh?

Also, about the 300 books. BFF Lauren read all her books plus all of her brother's books. We were together a lot during that time and she was constantly reading, and her parents (and grandmother) were constantly going to the library to check out more. She LOVES to read. And the way they're teaching the kids to read now is to teach them to read as fast as they can. (Not sure it is the best way for each kid, but it's working for her.)

Anyway, I'll be back. Thanks for the visit and the comment.

Alissa said...

Praise the Lord! I am so happy for you that you have received the provisions to take a vacation. I hope that wherever you may go will allow you and your family a time to relax, chill, enjoy some peace and have quality family time!