Friday, June 8, 2007

This is me today

PLEASE keep praying...the pain doesn't seem to be letting up for me. Morgan has been with Rod's aunt and uncle all week. I am so glad for the help (because I can't take care of her)...but I am not one of those moms that likes to dump their kid off with other people and not talk to them for a week. I am having withdrawals from my little punkin. She won't talk on the phone to me because she is so busy. She is struggling with her ears and having trouble sleeping. I can't wait for her to get home. I hope she doesn't think we forgot about her. I have been in the bed listening to Beth Moore bring it on some old sermons. It is either that or the Paris Hilton saga and I really need Jesus to fill me right now. Paris needs Jesus and I feel sorry for her, we need to pray for her. Watching the news is an example of a family who thinks they are above reproach. I think it is easy to get in the limelight and think that you are above the law because of fame or money and that should not be the case. I hope she learns her lesson but I hope she will come to Jesus, I for one am not going to sit around and gloat over her. Look at Lindsay Lohan, the same thing she needs the Lord and is desperately trying to fill a void that money, fame, and people can not fill. It is very sad. It is a sad day when all our media can report on is the latest Britney, Paris, Lindsay, saga. What is it to a man if he gains the whole world yet forfeits his soul? I am so tired of our crazy media! It seems like all they report on is Hollywood. It must be getting the ratings because they keep it coming which says a lot about what the people live vicariously through others and to get the latest gossip. Sad

This devotional from Experiencing God was written especially for me today.
June 7

By the rivers of Babylon--
there we sat down and wept
when we remembered Zion. (Ps. 137:1, Holman CSB)

When the Israelite were exiles in Babylon, there was no place and seemingly no reason to worship. All they could do was cry and express their grief and anger. They did not seek a mission from God but cried to Him in hatred for vengeance on their enemies. Has your crisis of belief made you too desperate to have faith?

Now God what is wrong? Nothing is going right. Everything takes a wrong turn. I know I am supposed to worship and praise, but I see nothing to worship about. I am too mad to worship. Help me God. I want to worship. I want to love You. Show me how in this situation. Amen.


Tiffany said...

Saw your comment on the Beth Moore blog. Girl, you are in my prayers! I'm praying for a fast recovery...God is a great physician! I pray you have a night of no pain! God Bless you, Sister!

jennyhope said...

thank you tiffany i need the prayer. I wanted to tell you thanks but couldn't go on your blog. I am so downcast right now. thanks for taking the time to write.

Shelly said...

Sweet girl,

I ask in the mighty name of Jesus that He come and deliver you. That our Great Physician soothe your physical temple, and weary heart by the power that calms the waves. I know He can. I believe He can. If He does not, I trust Him to sustain you in the 'process' of the trial and burden. May He grant you strength to match these days favored one. I take you to His Throne of Love, and trust that He can give you the 'want to' as you cry out in this desperate time. Love you sweet sister

Tiffany said...

Goodness! I just said another prayer for you! I have my blog set as private. I use it as a journal to God. I express several things that only a few people know about! If you would ever like to talk..or ever need email address is

You're in my thoughts and prayers! Get well girl!!

Three Fold Cord said...

Praying for you Jenny. I am stirred in my Spirit over you illness and I am putting your name on my fridge. Lord be the BReakthrough for Jenny right now!! I ask God that what the enemy has planned will be thwarted by your Almighty power. We in the name of Jesus block any arrows sent towards Jenny and her household by the mighty blood of CHrist!!

Girl, I cannot imagine having to be away from my babies and depending on others to the job I so badly want to do(on most days, let's keep it real now, we do love a break every once in awhile) I will also be praying for your man. That he tap into the love and grace of Christ.

Your siesta,

P.S. you a dawgs fan in GA?? or an out of state fan?