Monday, July 16, 2007

80's child even though I was born in the 70's

I was doing my hair today and I was thinking about how perfect my hair would have been in the 80's. I have the BIG HAIR going on and how I PRAISE HIM for flat irons. My hair condition is part of the fall...not a gift (I am thankful for my just takes work). I spend a lot of time fixing it so I won't scare everyone under the bed. This made me think tonight about the 80's and some of my competitive games and how if any of you want to challenge me to Mario One, Twister, Connect Four, or Uno, or wait (drum roll please) TETRIS (I am the bomb at some Tetris)...I will have to BRING IT! I will beat everyone one by one! Just kidding! Seriously, what were we thinking with the dos back then? I mean tease that hair was almost like building a nest for birds to find a safe home...and all the hairspray?!??! What about the crimping irons...leave it alone...please leave the crimp iron where it belongs in the 80's. The 80's needs to be history. Is anyone with me? I mean, why in the world are people trying to bring it back with the clothes and the dos? We even used to "stone wash" our jeans in the bathtub. Get a grip!! Enough of that.


Shelly said...

Bring on the Mario One girl! Bring it on! lol

What about the tight rolled jeans and bows that were bigger than my entire face to go along with the teased hair! AHHHH!!!

mandy said...

LOL -- OH i LOVE it!!!!!
i remember those days... and the mile-high hair.
wow. glad that fad has passed.

Alissa said...

I remember the days of the 80's and of being in good ole' Texas. During my time in Texas during the 80's, I remember the big, huge hair-sprayed bangs that stuck up at least a foot or two. I didn't have enough bangs to do anything but everywhere you walked in Texas, you would see really big bangs. Scary thing is that you can still see some of those big bangs in Texas today.

Leigh Gray said...

do you remember the california role we had to do with our pants...... i was born in the 70's too, but early 70's. you may not remember the "role".

had fun reading - have a great day.

pinkmommy said...

Ha! I am with you on the big hair. Mine is a curly frizzy disaster without my God-send...the CHI. I just got mine chopped off last week, and the straightening process has been reduced greatly...I love it.

Teri said...

I am amazed. Honestly, you do not look old enough to even remember the 80's. Seriously, like what were you 5? You not only have great hair, but some great genes no wrinkles.
And Tetris girl? Given my last post, you would probably beat me at Twister, but Tetris? BRING IT!