Saturday, July 7, 2007

bad knees

Just a brief word if you have kids:

DO NOT LET THEM run cross-country or track starting in the 7th grade. I started running year round in the 7th grade and up until recently. My knees are killing me from it. I decided while I was feeling better this morning to go to the gym and I am not sure what possessed me but I ran in spite of knowing that I would have to pop some ibuprofen later. No one has to force me to exercise because I love it but I just wanted to give some advice. The irony though is that I can bulk up by looking at a treadmill and I am actually smaller if I don't exercise...weird.


Shelly said...

Girl...i'm afraid I'm going to have bad knees one day too!

18 years of dancing may not have been the most wise knee decision I've ever made. Oh was worth it!

mandy said...

the chips are the Lord's... my husband will think that's heresy but i love it.
try the elliptical machines = low impact.

connorcolesmom said...

I too have played sports my whole life and my body has given much payback.
I think exercising far outweighs being unhealthy though so we bought an elliptical trainer (I think Mandy suggested this too)
I love it and it is much better for your joints plus you can not cheat on it - it kicks!
Love ya,

jennyhope said...

I have an elliptical but I am selling it since I go to the gym and Rod wont move it upstairs. I can't go in the dungeon and exercise(I call it the dungeon). Oh well! :)

mandy said...

you should've told the guy he had you confused with your twin!
:) just finished Nacho Libre with my man... wow. glad it was better than Napoleon Dynamite!
i loved that scene you quoted bc he said he'd had diarrhea since Easter. it was the funniest scene to me - LOL!

mandy said...

and what's wrong with the dungeon?