Wednesday, July 18, 2007

New Pics!!!

more of my pics from the car!

Rod digesting his food from the Golden Corral

Me and Morgan playing...she makes me laugh so much. We also have more than one room in our home but this is the one that she plays in. Take notice of Rods tv's in the background. There are two. Betsie the Big Screen bit the dust in spite of my attempts to bring her back...he still wont get her out of the den. He is getting another temporary big screen this weekend from his parents. The deer made it in the pic to!

I need you to know that my child got out of her crib tonight and went downstairs opened my candy drawer and dumped the skittles and ogre sized m&m's on the floor. I wish I could tell you that I didn't salvage the red and purple skittles but I did. I couldn't bring myself to throw them away. If I am sick tomorrow you will know why. Fortunately, I vacuum and sweep and etc almost daily. I spot clean the carpet to so I hope it made the difference as I picked those fruity flavors off the floor and ate them. I wish I could have gotten on to Morgan and meant it but I laughed. This kind of parenting has to stop!!

morgan from the night we went to the Olive Garden with Amy

My friend Donna pointed out to me how important food is to me in an email tonight...this one is for you Donna! This is my fettuccine alfredo from the other night.

Here is Amy

Me and the love of my life!!

I took this on the way to bible study Tuesday night...the guy behind me in the car was not pleased at my moment with God. This was not wasted on me!!!!

Some new stuff that Katies mom gave Morgan

Those cheeks.


Donna said...

Food is important to me also Sister! :o)

Shelly said...

LOVING the pictures!
And seriously - if I could wear those pants with fills that Morgan has on her, I might just snatch them off of her :)

And you don't look like you even need a Chi! Your hair is rockin' out (in a good calm smooth way! lol)

Teri said...

What a beautie you have! She is a doll!