Thursday, July 5, 2007

Did she ski or not?

I am back from a two day excursion to the lake. Good times....
I am so tired though. I had full intentions of skiing when the other night I rounded the corner and "depth perception" girl didn't make the clear with her foot...thus injuring two toes. I so thought I broke them but they were just jammed. I am about to download my pics from the past few days. I went tubing instead...ya'll I am truly an 80 year old trapped in a younger body. My little sister and I got out on the tube and I got so tickled...laughing. We got started and she kept screaming hold on while I laughed and laughed and it took all energy out of me to where I was just holding on for dear life getting beat by the water!! Then, to my horror we began to hit some big (TIDAL j/k) waves. I could feel my bathing suit bottoms starting to come off. I got the biggest body beating of my life...I wish you could have seen it. I let go quick to save myself any embarrassment and I stayed in tact praise You Lord! My nephew is so funny and very inquisitive. Over the last few days he would say "you know what?" about EVERYTHING...he is eight and I kept wanting to say back to him "chicken butt that's what!" But I couldn't teach him those bad manners...then finally...last night I broke down and taught it to him. If you don't get what I am saying...I am sorry. Anyway, PEOPLE I walked into the back bedroom at the lake and my nephew had something in my room that caught my eye...THE FIRST NINTENDO! I beat everybody that new how to push some buttons on that thing. I am sorry but I just rule at Mario One. You do not know who you are dealing with. The younger kids kept trying to tell me how to play and I was having to control my fleshly side...they had no idea that they were indeed dealing with an 80's child who grew up on Mario and could beat it in one man. Ice Ice Baby People! I know why I have no games at the house besides Tetris (which I keep locked up in the drawer for self control). Anyway, it made me want to go to ShowBiz (Chuckie Cheese) after all those good times.

Then last night I got in the boat and went to see the fireworks. I was so much more impressed with the stars and Psalm 8 just kept running through my mind. I did serenade everyone in the boat with my songs of Patriotism. I can not sing well so I really kicked it up a notch and made it a whole lot worse. When I forgot my lines...I just made them up. Good thing it was dark.

ps Donna I was going to meet up with you but the internet wasn't working and I forgot the cds ;(


pinkmommy said...

We went to the lake too! But I didn't ski, or tube, or anything else that would cause me to be confined to my bed for 3 days. Glad you had a good time!

just a girl said...

LOL siesta!
nintendo = you're so totally in my generation.
LOVE the stories.