Thursday, July 12, 2007


I have to hurry so I can get to the dentist. Before I go I am going to go pick up my new IPod from the post office. I have to be real honest with you for a second. If you ever come to my house unannounced I WILL NOT answer the door. Even if my car is home I will just pretend that I am not here. Unless, you want me to bring my Glock to the door (which I have done...poor Bellsouth guy...he didn't see it, I left it on the just never know these days). I was raised with a Police Officer for my father so he used to scare the living daylights out of me regarding all of the worst case senarios that could happen. He even told me before the prom to watch out for gangs trying to block us in while we were in the car. I was scared to death the whole time...looking for the gangstas to block me in. Then, if you had the slightest bald tires he would tell you how you were going to hit a patch of water then bam off in the ditch and you could die. Talk about scaring me into some new tires! He would tell me how to shoot at someone through my purse in a parking deck. The Lord has delivered me a lot from all of that fear... I can remember when I worked at the mall I had mace in hand with my keys between each finger just in case I needed to stab someone that approaches me...I am laughing so much right now. I DO NOT DO THAT ANYMORE!!! I even had a whistle that I could blow if someone was approaching me! He taught me that someone could try to cut off your ankles as they hid under your car so as you approached your car to look underneath before you got there. I am lucky I didn't get killed with all of my technique. Yesterday the door bell rang and Morgan and I heard it in the den. She and I were laying on the floor and I said shhhhhhhh! Then she said shhhhhhhhh! The doorbell kept ringing and I heard some movement at the door. I tried to stay calm for Morgans sake...false evidence appearing real! I can not believe how good Morgan was and she was real quiet. What am I teaching this kid?!?!? Anyway, I went to the door to find some dresses that the mail LADY had dropped off for the girls for a wedding (she is so precious by the way). Then, to my dread I walked outside and there it was: The receipt to pick up my IPod that they were trying to drop off. Let me say in my defense I still had my PJ's on so I really couldn't make it to the door. But I was thinking about the doors that God often knocks on that we refuse to open out of fear. I missed my blessing yesterday!!! I am about to go pick it up!


pinkmommy said...

I have so many of those same fears...especially the one about somebody hiding underneath your car. When I am at the mall or something I kind of hop in so they can't reach me. I am insane. Mine comes from my dad too. He isn't a police officer, he is just a huge worrier. So am I, but I am not as bad as I used to be. Trying to give it to God...that is scary!

JennaG said...

I'm here after seeing you over at Baby Bangs. I just had to comment because I, too, am a hunting widow at times! I know your pain ;) You have a beautiful family.

Teri said...

Hey Jenny! I just know if we lived near eachother we would be friends! You are so funny! I have to admit, I have an ipod addiction! I bought a mini two years ago and had to upgrade last summer to a 30gig because I LOVE music! Anyway, I didn't mean to sound all techy, because I am SO not! But regardless, I love my ipod! Hope you have lots of fun with yours!

Shelly said...

LOL!!!! I've had to be delivered from some of that fear too girl.

And I know that I don't even have to tell you to enjoy your new iPod! WOOHOOH!

AND Carole was asking me last night to come to Beth's pre-conference of Women of Faith with her. So YES - I'll be there! (It wasn't that I didn't want to be, I just hadn't got that far in my head with trying to get things ready for moving to Boston in a month! EEk).

AND if you only knew how many times I shake my hands to 'I pray you pray we pray' while I jog! LOL! I love that one :)