Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bible study was so good tonight! I am so thankful for this group of girls! I was so blessed tonight by Cheryl who is in our group. I knew that she must have some kind of story for the love she has for the word. Anyway, I needed my talk with her...we all really need each other so much and it is easy to forget that and try to be an island! I started getting a pounding headache tonight and my neck is killing me and I am PRAYING hard that this is not spinal meningitis again rearing its ugly head. On the way home I realized that I had only had some chips today so at 10pm I headed to Arby's for some cheese sticks. I forgot that I wanted a cinnamon roll they are after leaving the Arby's on 31 I headed for the one off of 119. Get a grip!
The point of this post is to say that if you weren't there tonight you were missed and I always notice if you aren't there (I won't start naming names: Val, Suzanne, Brynn, Julie, Mashone, Michelle, Virginia, Tarra, ...just to name a few if you are reading). The thing I hate about a large group is that I don't want you to ever feel lost in the shuffle or that you aren't are!
Also, for my birmingham girls I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite places to eat. I am going to venture out there this week. It is called Seafood and Chicken Box. They have THE BEST chicken fingers, fries, and hush puppies! I asked Rod to go there with me ASAP...but I will be heading out to Roebuck Pkwy with or without him. It is about a 45 minute drive but it is totally worth it!! ps i hate seafood so i couldnt tell you about that!


Michele said...

Be careful of 'nicole' at Heal me blog. She's deceitful and using others to feed her need for love and attention. I have discernment. If she has cancer ... they did more than a MRI and call her into the office. Her eyes did not just go yellow .. that happens at the end when you are dying. I have an aunt who had colon cancer that spread to the liver. They do CT scans and much more. there's chemo and radiation. she talks about none of that. She's looking for love in the wrong place. Feeding on people's emotions is wrong and it's emotional rape. When I asked her about her treatment she deleted my comment. now she has moderation on which is great but only those comments that feed her need for love will be posted. it's sad to play on people's emotions like that. Just be careful not to get too sucked in.

Teri said...

How do you stay 2lbs. when you eat Arby's cheesesticks and cinnamon rolls for dinner? The fact that you got great skin and great metabolism just isn't fair...(in my best whiny voice!)
With all seriousness, what do you mean Spinal Meningitis AGAIN? Have you had it more than once?
I will be praying against that for sure!
Also, I can't wait to start Believing God. I get so excited to read about your ladies Bible Study! I am not sure how much of a response we will get for our study. We have a small church, many women work fulltime and we are offering it in the AM, sooooo, hopefully people will be hungry enough to try it out! Anyway, have a great day!
I'm so glad I "met" you! (So many similarities...I hate seafood too! And adore cheesesticks, even though they make me fat!)

Shelly said...

I hate seafood too!!!

I should've joined you for dinner tonight. Do you know what I had? (This is really awful but I feel safe enough to confess it to you! lol).

3/4 of a bag of sugar powdered doughnuts that I picked up from the store. Yep....

And check ebay for a cheaper for real chi first. That's how I got mine!

Suzanne B said...

I'm glad to see you weren't naming names. :-)