Sunday, July 15, 2007

Attention Shoppers

I am really wanting the new Target to open near my home so I won't have to go to Walmart anymore. Around 8:30 me and Morgan went to Target on 280. Who knew they closed at 9? Well, we get in there and the lady comes on announcing that they were closing. If she said it once she said it 50 times in the next 25 minutes to the point that I was getting anxiety. I couldn't even think about what I was there for. She said everything but GET OUT TARGET CUSTOMERS!!! It still did me good to drive and hear my old Psalms cd by Shane and Shane. I have been listening to Shane and Shane when it was Shane and Caleb. This cd I got (I have bought it 3 times since the original) when I started dating Rod. It is funny how music triggers memories. Anyway, the weather was so nice so it did me good to throw open the sunroof and hear the Word through song. That is one thing I dig about their music!

Then, we stopped at Arby's I was so thirsty and I ordered some cheese sticks and a large water with lemon. The guy in the drive through sticks his head out and asks me what water with lemon tastes like?? Hmmmmm. I am like seriously...go make yourself a water with lemon if you need to know. That was really random.

Adding to the random the dentist this week he tells me that I may want to replace a silver filling for clear since and I quote "I am an attractive lady." Oh my, is this a new selling technique or something? Who knew I couldn't escape advertisements even at the dentist.

About the nursery in my last post...I came in to 12 screaming babies and one that was about to throw up on herself she was so happy to be there. One thing I always do when things are getting out of control is to sing...really loud and they all stop crying and stare at the weird lady. It works like a charm EVERY TIME! Then, I try to bring in some real praise music from my cd collection and I dance with the toddlers. You should try this next time it gets out of hand. It makes the time pass. And if you don't want the baptist kids may not want the super fun girl (Jenny) keeping the kiddos!!

Then, on another note: Why do so many dudes pick their nose while driving down the road...especially in broad daylight (I have noticed this a lot lately...nothing new under the sun right)?!?!? At least be discrete...just a little. That is why I don't like to shake peoples really just never know when someone has been digging and they have not had the courtesy to wash their hands. Gross!


Shelly said...

I'm going to have to try the dancing festivity (and singing) next time I babysit :)

PS - Thank you for the sweet comment. I suspect you have a deep understanding for the heart on these days. You've given me permission to have myself some cake today...thank you ... truly. Hugs to you as well.

mandy said...

oh girl!!!
i LOVE me some shane & shane!!!!!
yes ma'am.... they bless me indeed.... and those lyrics that are full scripture - its writes the Word on my heart.
i think they've got some direct link to heaven or something - their music is so incredibly powerful.

Teri said...

I love "If you don't want the Baptist kids dancing..." you are totally funny! Also, the nose picking thing...I peirced my nose about 6 months ago and I ALWAYS twist the thing when I drive, forgetting that I might want to watch that because any action around the nose while driving can appear as nose picking! Hmmmmmm!

Mandalyn said...

Girl, you are a mess! My daughter would LOVE for you to keep her in nursery!

JennaG said...

Sounds like you have a calling in that nursery! Oh-and so sorry about the short target trip. I"ve never listened to Shane and Shane--I'll have to look them up on iTunes.