Wednesday, July 11, 2007

time is flyin!

I was going through my pictures and found these. Where is the time going and why so fast? These of Morgan just get me all emotional. My sweetie is not a little baby anymore. Here is baby's daddy as well. When I first saw him (I met him in the Singles ministry at my church) I was like who is that? My friend Angela told me who he was and that she used to date him. Well, I figured he was off limits if she used to date him...but she actually made the love connection for us. I am sorry for the vanity...but I thought he was extremely fine and I knew I would have to go after him. He had actually asked about me before I ever saw him. Anyway, we dated a few times and I broke up with him. Then after the 4th sporadic time of us dating we got serious. The Lord had some major work to do on me before we were in a serious relationship...I was what you would call a playa' with some serious game. I wish all of that work He did then took...but I am still learning and changing and growing. Anyway, if you will notice the camo he is usually wearing you will take note that he is a SERIOUS hunter. I am not playing. When we dated the last time and talked about marriage I would try to break things off and he would talk me out of it. I told myself I would NEVER marry a hunter. He would be at the hunting club and I would call him and let him know that things just weren't going to work out. He said that he would talk me out of it to save me the embarrassment of begging him back. Such confidence!!

He looks happier above than he did on our wedding day! SERIOUSLY! I will put a pic in of the wedding so you can see his expression then. He was in a back brace from breaking his back when we got married so maybe that is not fair. He had just started walking the day before our wedding.

don't be confused about the above picture, she is a mommas girl through and through!

Morgan and her bud Jackson

Cutie Pie!!! the days of posing for pictures are OVER!


pinkmommy said...

Darlin pics! I enjoyed hearing about how you 2 met!

Hang in there with MDO. The princess started last summer (she was 2). I really encourage you to try it for 5 weeks. The 5th week for the princess was the magic week for her. The hubby dropped her off and she never gave him a second look. She went right in to play. This was after 4 weeks of bauling her eyes out every single turn around!

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Can't wait to see a wedding pic!

Shelly said...

I keep laughing that 'he had to save you the embarrassment from begging him back.'

You and your game! GIRL!!! lol

She is so teeny here! it.

And PS - CeCe was HERE in Atlanta on Sunday night (so I didn't have to travel). Along with Travis and Avalon and some others. It was a TOTAL JESUS moment of blessing over my life. He was doing some serious showing off and pouring out some favor. That's all it was!