Monday, July 23, 2007

On The 8th day the Lord created a hair straightner! LOL!!

I received an anonymous comment earlier about my don't hate me post and I realized it was indeed my little sister. It said that I was a goofball. Don't you love how family will tell you the truth!

Seriously, I know I should boast on my hair but I just washed it and it is ROCKING!! My hair has never been this straight in my life! THANK YOU JESUS!


pinkmommy said...

We want pics!!!

Teri said...

So let me get this wash your hair and it dries straight? And how long does the chemical straightening last? I am hair takes a while to dry and straighten because of the natural curl. I was just wondering how the texture is on chemically straightened hair because when i let mine dry on it's own it looks sort of frizzy...anyway,YAY for you!

Jeremy & Heather said...

I heard this morning on GMA that a hair straightner is good as an iron for hubby's shirts with all those buttons. Just use your hair thingy between the buttons and on the collars ... what a deal ... you can use it on more than your hair:) LOL