Saturday, July 7, 2007

Ranting to the blog world

Life couldn't be more fun at the Williams house! I have been nauseous and I won't name the other thing....but let's just say I am experiencing my good friend number 4. AND NO I AM NOT PREGNANT either. After all the GI fun I am thinking of having my tubes tied since I have had so much fun puking.

I am not sure what is wrong with me but my body doesn't agree with food anymore. You know when you are sick and your sense of smell triggers things making it worse?? Well, I just almost divorced Rod for making hamburgers when I told him how sick I was. I mean have some respect for the sick girl! He said he has to eat and that I am always sick....then I had to pray for the Lord to have mercy on Him (since he is making lite of my trials j/k) so that he doesn't get sick like I have over the last couple of years. Anyway, Morgan just ate her own poop. Rod changed her and some got out (I really don't understand how she has escapee poops every time he changes her). She poured out the deluxe bag of skittles (all of the precious reds and purples...gone!) and somewhere along the way she made the mistake of picking up the tiny brown skittle...and what a horrible taste, this was no skittle it was poo. She quickly gave it to her dad. I am so glad it was him this time.

How will I tie all of this in to Jesus you ask? Well, Jesus was fully God and fully man and He...the Lord of glory...pooted (I don't do that), went to the bathroom and etc just like all of us! Don't you know He and His disciples set around pulling each other's know He had to be funny too like that...fully God and fully MAN!! Food for thought.


Shelly said...


Taste the rainbow?????

I'm so sorry girl. I hope you feel better!!! Maybe some Saltines and a Sprite???

And are you SURE you're not pregnant!!!


mandy said...

LOL - you ain't right!

Leigh Gray said...

hey again - yes, Scott was our Music Minister at my old church in Charlotte, NC. I now live in Norris City, Il.

Have a good one!

connorcolesmom said...

First let me say yuck about the brown skittles (I will never be able to eat skittles again without thinking of Morgan)!!
I am so sorry you are so sick.
I can not stand being sick out of both ends - I mean do I grab the trash can or run to the porcelain throne or BOTH!!
Have you been to a gastro Dr? You might be lactose intolerant - hence the pizza giving you the runs - literally!
I am so thankful I am getting better with the IBS thing!
I will continue to pray for you!
God bless,

connorcolesmom said...

With my lactose intolerance it got worse as I got older!
The tricky part is that sometimes I can eat ice cream but sometimes I better be neat a nice bathroom b/c my tummy is mad!!
I keep the lactaid stuff with me and take one right b/f I eat dairy - it makes a world of difference!
Love ya sis,

pinkmommy said...

Did you ever imagine in all the dreams of your youth that motherhood would be this glam?