Monday, July 2, 2007


I have a post that I am working on...but until then I just wanted to share for those of you who have seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding...I am the man with the windex. I seriously have issues. They have the new antibacterial Windex...Jenny is good friends with this! I seriously can go through a bottle of that in 2 weeks flat. Not only that I went to Advance Auto Parts this afternoon to get something to clean my O2 sensor in the 4-runner and I found ahhh yes what I have been hunting for the past several sweet WD-40 pen. Get cleans scuff marks off of everything...doors, walls (egg-shell painted) and etc. Walmart has either hidden them or isn't carrying them ;(. Also, don't blame me if none of these things work for you but the Magic Eraser is another thing...who comes up with this stuff?? I use it to clean the leather couches...nothing works like it! My friends and family make fun of my cleaning supplies...but it is just something for the OCD girl!

Get a life, right?


Jesus Girl said...

I'm responding to your blog on LPM. I am one of those women whose husband is not interested in me sexually and, yes, it hurts a lot. I have issues with self-confidence and, boy, does that send a zinger right into my soul!!!!

He told me 10 years ii months ago, he wasn't attracted to me anymore, I was unappealing and he wanted no more sex--and, that was that. Before that he was the one who always had a "headache" or was "tired"--and a thousand other reasons. I became very self-conscious because I was the one always asking--sometimes begging--for a little intimacy.

Thanks for mentioning to Beth that we w/o's need remembering! It is embarrassing and I constantly wonder what I could have done differently.

Shelly said...

Uhm....We really are spiritual BFF's. Go ask Mandy (my blog best buddy) about my love to clean.
Can I confess that the past 2 years at my apartment complex I used Windex to kill ants!!??? LOL! I promise it works!!!! And so well! lol

My love for cleaning - in this order:
1) Laundry
2) Pledge
3) Vacuum
I know...I promise I'm not insane.

connorcolesmom said...

I also love to clean!!
I get into a zone with my Christian music playing and go to it!!
Oh and I loved your comment on willblogforshoes - that man needs some serious prayer!
Of course we all have our issues.
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I LOVE magic erasers! But I've never tried the anti-bac. Windex. Hadn't even heard of the WD-40 pen! Putting them both on my shopping list!

Have you tried the new OxyClean instant stain remover. It's little & goes in your purse. I clipped a coupon for it, but I haven't picked on up yet!