Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Nap Time

I am about to take a nap before Bible study...please don't be jealous. Also, I am going to dream about my dinner plans at the Olive Garden on Thurs. Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled Chicken on top. Amy better not cancel...but if she does, me and Jesus will be eating there. And no the Jesus I am talking about is not my Spanish is the Jesus!

Last night, around midnight, I went in Morgans room to check on her. She is one little dancing machine people and she was still going strong watching Curious George. When I walked in...I was thinking no she cant still be up...she was. Anyway, I put on Elmo for her and she starting getting her groove on to the intro. I saw those pig-tales flying and those cute little chubby cheeks just a grinning. I took such delight in seeing how precious she is. We have to have dance parties every day ( EVERY DAY ) to CeCe Winans...she has the right momma because I sure don't mind. Who do you think teaches her this stuff?? If you come to Ms. Jenny's you can count on a dance for Jesus party. I have been doing this for years! She really has some moves for a 2 year old and her dad will agree to that. She is so special to me and I thank Him for His tenderness, grace , and mercy in sharing her with me. I don't think we will ever understand the delight our Father takes in us...but I sure am thankful for the glimpse.


Shelly said...

Girl! I heard CeCe on Sunday night for the 1st time in person and I thought Jesus might just drop on in that very moment. She sang a couple of hymns acapella and I thought the paint from the ceiling might very well peel off. Jesus was just shining through that woman. Praise Him!

I hope Bible study goes well and the Lord ministers to you as you minister.

And thank you for the additional comment you left on my blog today. I was about to have an emotional outburst over receiving that one...and decided I need to do exactly that with Jesus in just a little while. Thank you. It clearly touched a needed area in my heart today.

connorcolesmom said...

I hope you had a great Bible Study tonight!! I wish I could be there with all of you :)
I love that you have dance parties to praise music. The boys and I do the same thing. Connor has some really goofy kicking moves he does - kind of like Elaine from Seinfeld - cracks me up.
Love ya,