Tuesday, July 17, 2007

oh my bring it siestas!

Seriously, you guys cracked me up on the last post. I promise you...BRING will go down! Pinkmommy I have heard that the CHI is great. A sista in my bible study told me to get it. I am going to have to try that. We still need a pic of you girlfriend! As far as the BIG HAIR goes (Beth had some Texas BIG HAIR going on in "A Heart Like His" Check it!) I can remember going in the bathroom at school to "tease my hair" the madness! Then Mario One...and the powerpad?!?! Did anyone have a powerpad? My twin and I would stay up till all hours of the morning tip-toeing on that thing or hitting it with our heals...I put the smack down on that. Then, we can't forget duck hunt! Bring it Shelly and Teri! ha ha! Me and my pocket-rocker (before i-Pods). The shirt clips need to stay in the past...what about the banana clips? Just check out Forever 21, Old Navy or wherever and you will see this junk trying to make a comeback! No but seriously, I am one mean machine with games...I get so worked up that I break out into a sweat even playing competitive sports with 5 and 6 year is just wrong!
I LOVE some air hockey. People who know me will make fun of this one. When I would go on singles retreats I (and I am so serious) would be like...get your quarters ready and get in line because you are about to get beat! I want an air hockey table at the house but rod is against it because i will hit the puck so hard in my seriousness that it could cut your head off when it flies. I need therapy! Then, if I miss a block I am talking you will hear some loud screaming (No foul words just screaming). This is part of why Jenny has Jesus!
I have some drafts saved about remaining in the Vine on John Ch 15 so after I get Morgan I hope to finish it! Check out some Jeremiah chapter 2 and 15...I have been under some major conviction as I see bits of Israel and Judah in me. Lord help us to not turn from us not to fall prey to worthless idols and where we have fallen help us to come back and walk in truth. You are good help us to believe You. We need You Jesus...fill us.


Shelly said...

Girl...You don't have a CHI!!!
It's going to become a new love of your's. It's my defense against the rebellious hair. Seriously...I'm speechless that you are missing out on your 'blessin'' here! lol

Going to read the above post in a bit tonight! Gotta go get ready to babysit sweet little 18 month old Elijah.

AND - we're totally going to have to make some Atlanta arrangements to see one another for the pre-conference!

Donna said...

Info on the daughter is a cosmetologist(and I pretend to be telling her how to do my hair and all of my friend's hair that she does)....she has a Chi....we love it and she wanted me to have one since she lives in Dothan and we cant share one....I talked her into getting me the generic "chi" at Sally's which was a good bit less money. She uses mine when she comes here and hers at home and she says that mine is every bit as good as hers. It's lasted over a year and still doing well. We are "all about hair" and "products." I might have missed my calling....however, preschoolers need their hair done sometimes too. I french braided a 5yr old's today. I told her she was a queen. Then I told the children the story of Queen Esther. There isn't a lot of difference in little girls and big girls like myself....we all like to think we are beautiful. I KNOW our Creator thinks we are beautiful. Selah (pause and calmly think about that) :o)

Teri said...

I need a CHI too! For sure! This post made me laugh! I happen to love Air Hockey too! And I am stating here, I will NEVER wear a banana clip in my hair EVER again! I thought about curling my hair all 80's style just for the fun of it....hmmm we'll see!

pinkmommy said...

Look on ebay for a CHI, you can get them much cheaper...just make sure it is by Farouk. I have seen some people trying to sell fakes for the same price. I promise you won't be sorry.

I am a ping pong fanatic. I get so into it that it is a bit scary. I would love to get a table, but alas...the princess wants to eat and stuff...the nerve!